oobgolf is merging with skygolf 360!

We're excited to announce that oobgolf is officially merging with SkyGolf 360 on July 20th 2017. You can transfer your scores and stats to SkyGolf 360 so you don't miss a beat this golf season! To start the transfer process, please click here.

For a limited time, you can receive a risk-free 14-day trial of SkyCaddie Mobile. For more info, please click here.

About oobgolf

Few sports have the social aspects of golf. On golf courses around the world, families bond, friendships grow and partnerships are established. Rarely do you see a single golfer. Most compete in groups of two to four and often golf with different individuals each week. This creates a complex social network that branches out across more than 50 million golfers worldwide.

oobgolf is a virtual representation of that golfer network. It provides golfers with access to proven tools and concepts of social networking and consumer submitted and edited content. On the surface, it is the most accurate listing of the world's courses and the statistics of every individual that plays them. Dive deeper and one will find a living social organism that is self-editing, self-policing and growing exponentially.

Since its inception, oobgolf.com has grown substantially and now serves over 200,000 golfers per month. For third party validation of oobgolf.com's traffic and reach, click here. Read here about how much our users love us.

Where did oob come from?
We get asked this quite often. Most people assume it stands for "Out Of Bounds". In reality it's a "letter picture". Mouse over the logo below to see the name explained:
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