oobgolf is merging with skygolf 360!

We're excited to announce that oobgolf is officially merging with SkyGolf 360 on July 20th 2017. You can transfer your scores and stats to SkyGolf 360 so you don't miss a beat this golf season! To start the transfer process, please click here.

For a limited time, you can receive a risk-free 14-day trial of SkyCaddie Mobile. For more info, please click here.

Developer API

UPDATE: While we are sorting some things out here internally with the future of our own mobile development as well as where we are going with our API we're going to hold off on issuing any new keys.

Thanks for your interest and feel free to check back in soon.
Welcome. If you are interested in using the API. Please contact us via email. We will get you a test developer key and legal documents as soon as possible.

There are two different contracts and data access-levels for the API. One for use general use and then a seperat contract fore access to the Tee Details call.

General Terms:
  • Non-exclusive use, you can upload scores to as many systems as you want
  • Not permitted for ogranizations with services competing with oobgolf.com features

Terms for use of Tee Details api call:
  • No permanent storage of course data outside oobgolf servers
  • EXCLUSIVE score storage in oobgolf system
  • credit and link oobgolf wherever course data is displayed

Click on different API calls below for more details on how each works:

Get Session Login with user creditionals and get session id for other api calls
Get Stats Get summary stats for a specific user

Search Courses Search courses by keyword or location.
Tee Summary Get summary yardage and par data for a specific course.
Tee Details Get hole-by-hole yardage and par data for a specific course.

Save Live Score Save a live score as it happens, hole by hole.
Save Hole-by-Hole Score Save a finished score with details hole by hole data.
Save Total Score Save only the total strokes of a score.
Get Scores Retrieve most recent scores for a specific golfer.
Get Score Detail Retrieve most recent scores for a specific golfer.
Delete Score Delete a specific score entered through the API.