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Is viewing too much Golf Improvement Info bad for your game?
By Kickntrue on 11/21/06
Golf Improvement Information - Can It Help Or Hurt Your Game

Golf Improvement Information - Can It Help Or Hurt Your Game
By Mike Pedersen

Golf improvement is a huge topic for most golfers, but are they (you) getting the right information to actually improve your golf swing and game? There is a glut of golf improvement articles, tips and advice, but be careful what you read.

Choose Your Information Wisely

How many times has someone volunteered a tip to you and your swing only got worse? How about information on the net? Ever tried to apply it in hopes for a better game? I know golfers have, because I receive hundreds of emails everyday from frustrated golfers. Golfers ready to quite the game because they are not improving or enjoying the game anymore.

Next time you receive volunteer advice, consider the source. Are they a professional in the teach field? Worse case, can they play good golf themselves? How well do you know them to trust the information will actually help your game? I don't want to turn you into a hypochondriac, but being aware isn't a bad thing either.

How Many Golf Tips Do You Need?

There are a gazillion golf tips you can put into your head, from every magazine, newspaper, teaching pro and resource known to man! How many tips can you keep in your head and actually apply when you're on the course? I know for me...maybe 1, at the most 2! Anymore than that and it's "paralysis-by-analysis" for me.

Now I am not knocking golf tips. When my swing goes south, all it takes is a golf tip I used in the past to get back on track. Notice how I said, "a golf tip", not tips? There is always a nugget that may turn your game around, just don't overdo it...and again...consider the source of the tip before you file it in your brain for use on the course.

Take Advice Sparingly

Every golfer wants to give out advice to their buddies. This is not a good thing most of the time. What may work for them, won't necessarily work for you. Take any advice with a grain of salt. If it seems to make a little sense to your particular situation, then give it a try on the range first. If it works...take it to the course.

I just want you to be aware of golf improvement information and don't get caught in the trap of overwhelming yourself. Your game will go downhill faster than you can blink!

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf performance experts in the country. He is Golf Magazines golf performance expert author, and founder of several cutting-edge golf performance membership sites. For more golf improvement information, you can go to his a golf blog at

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