Don't be fooled by the blue sky.
I Survived
By new2thegame on 7/11/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

As most of you know, Wednesday was my first round of golf. The rain was pretty nasty, but after stalling at lunch for as long as possible, we decided to test it out. After the first few holes I was starting to get the hang of it (or so I thought). Ray and Kevin made up one team and Andrew and I were the other. I would just like to make it clear that Ray has golfed before, do not listen to him when he tries to claim it was his first time. There is no way you swing like that without ever picking up a set of clubs.

After a few holes I had a string of bad luck. First the sky opened up and really let us have it. Then after hitting what I thought would be a pretty decent shot (this again proves I know nothing), I couldn't find my ball. After a few more really crappy shots I redeemed myself (Andrew handled all of this very well), landing a pretty cool chip shot. My best shot of the day came on the 17th when I hit it straight on and just passed the flag. I was in too much shock to chip and blew that and the 18th was nothing short of pitiful. Yet all in all it was a great day.

I definitely will be out on a course again. The experience was great and I learned a lot. The guys of oobgolf deserve a gold medal for their patience with us. We asked them questions about everything and made crappy shots, but they didn't seem to be frustrated (which was very nice). My goal is to be able to golf without embarrassing myself or the poor soul golfing with me by October. Andrew thinks this is a reasonable goal. I'm still a little unsure but I'm going to try. We'll see how my progress goes throughout the summer.

Andrew's take:
Mallory was better than expected- as was Ray. Both have the advantage of being pretty athletic despite never hitting a golf ball. Ray is actually an All-American level javelin thrower and Mallory has played softball on a collegiate level. Both backgrounds helped. One of the biggest things I notice with first time golfers is they don't swing at the ball- they waive at it. Both Mallory and Ray understood the concept of using the body to create momentum to drive through the ball without coaching. Thank God for that- because while we were patient with them, they probably could've done better than playing with two 20 handicappers. We tried to show them a couple little things and then get out of their way.

While Mallory's summation of her day is fairly accurate, it does show a first-timer's lack of understand best shots. While Mallory's definition was the ball she hit the furtherest (she actually overdrove the green by about 15 yards on a 150 yard par 3), her best shots were in fact a couple pitches and chips. The one shot that stands out to me as her clear-cut best shot was actually on number 16. We were about 60 yards out and Mallory hit a beautiful shot to about 8 feet. It was better than any single shot I hit all day, which I hope contributes to the reason Mallory will be out on the course again soon.

Ray also had a couple great pitches that put him inside Kevin's ball (we were playing 2-man scrambles). He was making great contact off the tee and didn't slice one ball. In fact- he had his swing to where he was actually hooking the ball on almost every tee shot. While he found it hard to believe- we assured him that this was not a bad problem to have his first time out- and that it could certainly be MUCH worse. The sad truth is that Ray is athletically superior to someone like me- enough so that if he played all summer- he'd probably be better than me by the end of it. I hate people like that.

All in all- it was a great day. We really had no business playing golf considering the weather, but the skies did clear up for the back 9 and we had a great time. Unfortunately we took a lot of video for site stuff coming up but not many pictures. Here are a couple video outtakes anyway...

Ray tried to get Kevin with an exploding ball

Mallory being Mallory

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rsnarski3 says:
First of all IGÇÖd like to start off with saying golf is really complex and technical! Right away I noticed the parallels with throwing javelin. You canGÇÖt muscle javelin throws the same way you canGÇÖt crush a golf ball off of a tee. ItGÇÖs all about a smooth, relaxed rhythm. The technical complexity of the sport that makes it so difficult is also what makes it so addicting. I obviously hit a lot of bad shots. However, when I hit one of the few decent shots I had I couldnGÇÖt wipe the smile off my face. The anticipation of hitting the next decent shot made me want to play another 18.
new2thegame says:
ray forgot to add that he has been golfing about 25 times before this event. :)
theredmission says:
"well...that really sucked, sorry guys" Love it, lol.
Kickntrue says:
Maybe it's just a slow day being a Friday and all- but I got to say, comments on this one are WEAK. What the heck is Mallory wearing on her face? Is she 80?!
theredmission says:
I did think the same think K&T...just please don't tell me those aren't golf ball finder glasses.
sailbuff says:
Mallory, congrats, if you stick to it, it will be rewarding. I played my first round last year in april and was hooked. Now I'm playing with lots of great people and having a good time. I've learned so much. good luck to you.
IronHead says:
C'mon. How exactly do you sneak one of those exploding golf balls onto someone's without them noticing?
mrtimb says:
LOL Did Mallory just have cornea surgery? I only see 70+ year old women wearing those glasses on the course normally.
new2thegame says:
Hey now. Those glasses are to protect my baby blues from the harsh PA sunshine. I actually borrowed them from Andrew, that and the very stylish headband.
theredmission says:
So did you borrow someone's clubs or just share one of the guy's for the round?
jimithen says:
I happen to know a lot of people who like to do some welding while out on the course.
pvenky says:
Great videos guys!

@Ironhead, we did manage manage to sneak in an exploding ball one time. This guy is a baseball player and hits his wedge 140 yards - it was pretty fun to watch him pound the c**p out of that ball! You just have to wait for the right moment - like right after your buddy hooks all the balls he's carrying into someone's backyard :-).
IronHead says:
@ pvenky: I would be ripe for that trick, but the way I play I always make sure I carry lots of extra golf balls... :)
sidewinder0613 says:
"well...that really sucked, sorry guys" Love it, lol.Friday
chief says:
The golf ball thing is great. I did it to my daughter last year.(27) She was being so goofy,that it was easy to replace her ball.
briswall says:
Id like to wail one of thos balls. but i have a remote contol ball i need to get out and try this year. anyone seen those?
SilkySmoothFlatStick says:
Anytime you guys/gals are in Upstate South are welcome to play with my group....looks like you will fit in well with our diversified group of ScratchGolfFanatics:0
3 Putt Master says:
After watching that video, I went out and purchased 25,000 brush tees...
Frankie C says:
Great to hear beginners stories. Unfortunately, getting reasonably good between now and October is a stretch. The golf swing, as it is taught by pros, is pretty much impossible to do. Here's wishing you the best of luck.
Crash Kowalski says:
Nice to see Frankie C on this list. So far, so good!
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