Top 5 Reasons To Attend a PGA Tour Event
By mustang6560 on 5/4/11
After attending the Zurich Classic, I was inspired to write about my experience. I wanted to share with you my top 5 reasons why everyone should attend a PGA Tour event.

As you all know, I attended the Zurich Classic of New Orleans over the weekend. My experience exceeded my expectations as I could not have enjoyed myself any more. There is no other sport where you can stand 10 feet from a professional athlete (maybe NBA floor seats) while he’s in the middle of competition.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend a PGA Tour Event:

  1. Chance to see your favorite player - I’ve been to a PGA Tour event before (Viking Classic in Madison, MS) but nothing like the Zurich Classic. I got to see my favorite player Bubba Watson, along with a bunch of other top golfers including Rickie Fowler (who was wearing purple and gold - Geaux Tigers!), Luke Donald, K.J. Choi, Tommy “Two-Gloves” Gainey, Steve Stricker, Chris DiMarco and Camilo Villlegas. I got to see everyone I wanted - minus the person who was the reason I planned to go Graeme McDowell - he missed the cut by five strokes. A couple buddies of mine saw Rickie Friday night with his caddie eating dinner at Dominica in New Orleans. Apparently, a lot of players and tournament officials were staying at the hotel next door to the restaurant.

  2. The courses are even more spectacular in person - By far, TPC Louisiana is the nicest course I’ve seen. Every inch of the place was just perfect. The fairways were freshly cut, the bunkers were neatly raked with the fluffiest sand you can imagine and I’ve never seen greens with as many angulations. My home course is typically in good condition, but being in tournament condition is entirely different.

    I almost got to play TPC Louisiana last summer for a friends bachelor party. We drove out to Avondale and were warming up when a typical South Louisiana summer storm rolled in. We retreated to the club house when lightening started to strike. We were hoping it would just blow over and we could still play so we waited an hour and a half in the club house. Unfortunately, it only got worse.

  3. 325+ yard bombs don't translate well on TV - Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson are known as the “big hitters” on Tour, but ALL the players on Tour can rip it! I got to see Bubba tee off on hole 1, hole 2, hole 7, hole 13 and hole 18 and every single time, he absolutely crushed it! There is honestly nothing quite as impressive as seeing someone like Bubba launch the ball out of sight - literally. As bright as it was outside, after Bubba’s ball traveled about 200 yards, I could not longer see it. The longest drive I ever hit was 346 yards, downhill, WITH the wind, on dirt pan. On Thursday of the tournament, Bubba Watson averaged 345 yards.

  4. You get to see some WAGs - The wives’ and girlfriends of the players try to blend in with the crowd, but you can pick them out from a mile away. I got to see several attractive ladies follwoing in the crowd including Angie Watson, Bubba’s wife. But the best WAG I saw was Jason Dufner’s significant other. She was dressed to kill (foxy lady!) and she was giving Jason looks with the same tenacity. After Jason hit his tee shot on 13, he started walking and his girlfriend was walking side by side along the rope and it appeared she was silently yelling at him, pointing her finger aggressively. We have not idea what she was saying, but all Jason could do was let his head sink in despair. My friend made the comment “He does not look happy today”. Maybe it was the bogey on the twelve?

  5. Yelling “Get in the hole” - If you think the fans who yell "get in the hole" are annoying, then you've never had the opportunity to yell it! The 13th hole at TPC Louisiana is set up as a driveable par 4, especially for a leftie who prefers to play a power-fade (know anyone?). I was able to stand right by the tee box to see Camilo, K.J., Luke, Tommy “2-Gloves”, Steve, and Webb hit their tee shot. But, I was really only waiting to see Bubba. By the time Bubba got to the 13th, a small crowd had built up around the tee box waiting in anticipation. Everyone in the group I was with agreed to yell “Get in the hole” as soon as Bubba hit his tee shot. As soon as the green cleared, Bubba placed his ball, stretched his club out, lined up for the green on hole seven (playing the fade) and took a rip! As agreed, we yelled “Get in the hole” with delight. Andrew was watching on TV and knew I was at the Zurich Classic, but he didn’t know what hole I was on. When he heard the gallery yell “Get in the hole” after Bubba’s tee shot, he texted me and told me he heard me. So, essentially, I’m famous.

    I also got to yell “Luuuuuuuke” at Luke Donald as he was walking to his approach shot on hole 7. You hear people on TV yelling that all the time. Who knew Luke wouldn’t like it? He refused to acknowledge my chant of endearment so I (borderline) heckled him by saying “What, no wave? No tip of the cap? Come on!” I was shocked he didn’t make any sort of gesture to acknowledge his fans in the crowd, which totalled 7 at the time - me and my friends. I saw Luke again on hole 13 in the round and tried to get the lady next to me to yell “Luuuke” to see if he would acknowledge her. But she was too bashful. My theory is/was he would have acknowledged a woman.

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Paolo says:
Angulated greens, now that would make things interesting!

Yes, 'Get in the hole' is hugely annoying, generally when it's yelled from the tee box of a 550yd+ par 5.
Kickntrue says:
@paolo- i agree- nathan is very annoying. I was actually trying to get him to yell, "OOBGOLF DOT COM" after a tee shot for some gorilla marketing but he wussed out and wouldn't do it.

My biggest take away from seeing pros is person is how well they hit irons... how close 15 feet actually is. The drives are impressive- but it's hitting irons like darts to makeable distances that blows me away. Amateurs grossly underestimate the distance of putts on the green, often saying a 25 foot putt is 12 or 15. When you REALLY see 15 feet- it's impressive.
Kickntrue says:
Side Note- any oober going to a Tour event- who gets "OOBGOLF DOT COM" caught on camera during a national broadcast will be a hero and receive free stuff from us. of course- you need to be able to verify roughly that it happened- so DVR the event or email us that you're going and we'll do it.
jrbizzle says:
I agree with all of the above, short of myself yelling "get in the hole" (my pet peeve).

I was spoiled, the first live PGA I ever attended was the PGA Championship at Oakland Hills back in 2008. My company was looking for volunteers to help with a sponsorship type deal we have, and I couldn't raise my hand fast enough. Thankfully I was chosen. I got to go down Thu and Fri and take a 10 minute break every hour to watch live golf. It was a Tiger-less event, but I had a blast.

The par 5 12th hole was right across from our tent, and I walked over just in time to see the Daly/Singh/Toms trip tee off. Toms put one right between the bunkers, Singh cleared the bunkers and hit the downslope, and Daly flat out flew everything in sight. The guy still rips it like no other.
Banker85 says:
I cant wait for my 1st pro event...
mjaber says:
@Kickntrue... Can it be in body paint on my torso as I run down the fairway?
Kurt the Knife says:
"she was silently yelling at him, pointing her finger aggressively. We have not idea what she was saying, but all Jason could do was let his head sink in despair."
I mean, how many times can a guy hear, "At least Tiger makes me breakfast afterwards. AND another thing...."
Duke of Hazards says:
I've been to the Chevron World Challenge last 2 yrs and Northern Trust this year. My takeaways:

-You get to be right next to the athlete, unlike NFL or NBA, where you are watching from several hundred feet away if you have good seats. At tour events, the players literally walk or stand a foot away from you at times.

-It's extremely difficult to follow the top players (Tiger at Chevron, Phil at Northern Trust). Huge galleries climbing over each other to get to the next spot. Tour players walk fast and take a direct line to their ball. Galleries have to stop and wait for traffic to be let across fairways. Follow a couple of your favorite lesser known players and if you want to see Tiger/Phil, wait at a tee box in front of them.

-TV adds 15 lbs. These guys are fit. Even the 'thicker' guys like Phil and Vegas don't look really look out of normal range in real life. I thought Camilo and McIlroy would blow away in the wind, they're so stick thin. They also dress immaculately.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I've been to the Senior PGA Championship in Laurel Valley. I followed Hale Irwin & Curtis Strange. I also made it to the final round of the Women's U.S. Open at Oakmont last summer. Had a great time! Watching Natalie Gulbis and Paula Creamer around was a treat! What I want to know is, how in the world do they hit their next shot with that many people standing that close to you? I'd be afraid of killing a spectator with a golf ball.
legitimatebeef says:
My girlfriend and I a couple weeks ago on a whim bought some tickets to the Barclays which is the closest Tour stop to our home. (unbelievable deal, under $30 each) Looking forward to it, will finally get to see what those chumps' golf games look like up close.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
In addition, I noticed how tight the fairways were mowed at Oakmont. I wish my home course cut 'em that close but I know they're concerned about the fairways burning out during the summer.
id3st says:
scored a couple of tix for the BMW Classics at Cog Hill (3rd Rd). the course was immaculate. the par 3's were no doubt a Par 4 with my prowess and would easily score a 10 (lol) due to toughness and obstacles to the wasoo. anyhoo, that was my 1st yr golfing and nothing better to appreciate the sport than to see and watch famous pros like Tiger, Phil, Bubba, Vijay and a lot more. Seen Phil pull off an up and down from the sand. Tiger wrapping the ball around the dog-leg like drifting a car around the corner. Bubba hitting bombs every tee shot. long putts. scrambling recoveries for pars or sometimes birdies. sat in the gallery of the famous 18th hole. too much to take in one day. can't wait to score more tix and hoping to get to watch the Ryder cup in Medinah in 2014 (not sure of the year).
joepro23 says:
Going to see a tourney is a lot of fun, and a much different experience. You don't get to see as much golf in your time there as you would on TV, but you get to see things up close that you also don't get on the tube. A couple observations:

- I have been to 5 majors (4 U.S. Opens). It is incredible how long the rough is.
- The ball flight/trajectory of their irons is amazing. Their long irons are so pure and just rocket off the face.


I went to the Barclays last year at Ridgewood CC, a course I caddied at for 6 years. Great time. I won a gecko headcover in the Geico putting contest tent. I made 9 6-foot putts in a row. The leader was some dude at 21 in a row. 3 in a row got you a headcover. Looks like they moved it to Plainfield CC this year, but I will still go and I am looking forward to it. I have heard good things about that course. My advice...wear your golf shoes if there is a chance of rain, since they are waterproof and it can get pretty muddy outside the ropes.
srogers13 says:
When the Nationwide Tour Championship was held in Prattville, AL, I got to be a walking scorer for four years. I would recommend anyone who gets the opportunity to volunteer for this job (either for the Nationwide or PGA tour) to take it, because you get to walk with a group everyday, and it is just amazing to watch them play, and the decision making skills they show, too, which you don't really get to hear outside the ropes.

Also, I was amazed at how much talk during the round had absolutely nothing to do with golf. This would be when they were walking down the fairways, or if there was a back up on a tee. The time of year this took place was during football season, and it was funny how they would always ask me to get on the radio to ask for score updates of certain football games, and how many others were on the radio asking for scores. And these were guys playing in the last tournament of the year trying to get their PGA Tour cards.
Kurt the Knife says:
We like to to sit in the gallery on a par 3 til our chosen group comes thru. Its cool to see the players launch their shot an watch 'em land n putt. Then we walk along for a bit. Then find another par 3, sit for a bit, then off the gallery on 18 and end our day there.
Did it at the Prez cup at Harding Park and US open at PeBeach. Worked out pretty well.
dottomm says:
I went to Pebble Beach on a beautiful Sunday for the Pro-Am. Got to see Bill Murray win! Just walking on that course was like nothing I've ever done before. If there is a heaven. It is at Pebble Beach. However, I imagine playing golf at Pebble Beach would be closer to hell. That place looks tough.
Envythepea says:
Been to US Open at Pebble, the WGC at Olympic in SF, a couple of women's events at BlackHawk and of course many Pro-Ams at Pebble which are a ton of fun. I totally echo what Duke of Hazards said about how fit these guys are. I was shocked when I first saw Tiger at how lean and "clean" he looked. Dressed immaculately! I was surprised at Phil too, he always looked kind of soft to me but he looked really fit as well. You've got to go if you get the chance. As mentioned by others, the sound that the club striking the ball makes is almost painful.
Envythepea says:
I meant WGC at Harding Park. I think the US open was held at Olympic in 98 or thereabouts...didn't get to go to that one.
dpoimboeuf says:
We were at the Zurich on Thursday. We were sitting on 7 green and striker missed his approach right by us and we got on TV, once from the blimp. My buddy had Tivo'd it and somehow did a screen grab and emailed it to us. That was the best field we've had in a long time. Perfect weather and the course was in fantastic shape. I've played it several times, including the week before the tournament when all the grandstands and sky boxes are up. Now that is cool. You can kind of imagine what it's like, except for the 10,000 fans cheering for you. My main takeaway every year is how good those guys really are. For instance, we play the 18th hole about 40 yards shorter than they do, and no one in my golf league can remember being on that green in 2. 50 guys, probably 300-400 rounds cumulative rounds. Bubba did it from the sand trap with a 7 iron. LOL. I've never even tried it with a 3 wood from the fairway.
mattshaver says:
i was lucky enough to catch the shell houston open this year. saw jb holmes tee off on 18, and the ball took off like a rocket. i'd never seen anyone smack the hell out of a ball with that much authority. it was impressive, to say the very least. followed phil's group right as he started to make his charge on the back 9, which was awesome. the atmosphere was pretty cool, too, so i can only imagine what it's like at a major. when phil would hit a bad shot, it was like the gallery would get more excited, just to see how he'd recover.
C-4 says:
Went to the BMW and it is better than the superbowl, nba all-star and world series.
mankowa says:
I've been to the PGA Champ at Inverness, TPC Sawgrass a few times, and WGC at Firestone. The courses are abosolutely perfect and the rough is so strong you literally can't pull it out of the ground. Then I went to a practice round at the Masters 2 years ago and everything before that was like a dirt track. I have never seen so many shades of green and all of it was perfect. I can't imagine any course being manicured better than Augusta National. Plus seeing courses on TV and in person really gives you an idea of how insanely difficult the courses are set up and how rediculously the players are. Their trajectories are just amazing to watch.
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