Hosting My Own Golf Tournament
By mustang6560 on 5/26/11
I am hosting the second annual Nathan J. Trifone Invitational this weekend at Colonial Country Club. It’s no Arnold Palmer Invitational, but hey, I’m only 26.

I had the idea for the tournament last year as a way to bring my family together for the Memorial Day weekend. Now that everyone is older and lives in different cities, it’s harder to get together and who doesn’t like a little family competition? Plus, since everyone had such a great time at the inaugural Nathan J. Trifone invitational, I had to do it again.

The format for the tournament is simple – it’s a scramble. The teams are me, my sister and my dad (Team Nathan) against my brother, my mom and my brother-in-law (Team Mark). My brother wanted to change his team name to “Team Better Than Nathan”, but when I said I would then change my team name to “Team Hole in One”, that ended the discussion. We are keeping the same teams from last year because they worked out really well - my brother’s team ended up winning by one-stroke 79 to 80. Yes, I know. The scores were not very impressive. But hey, the competition was great and it came down to the 18th hole. Hopefully though, the scores from this year will be around par.

To make this year’s tournament better, I started planning a couple months ahead of time because I wanted to give the event the feel of an actual tour event. So here is a run down of the schedule of events:
Opening Ceremony, Bellevue Manor
Gentlemen’s Drinks, Bellevue Manor
Ladies’ Drinks, Maplewood Estate

Team Meetings, TBD
Practice Rounds, Colonial Country Club
Social, Ameristar Casino

Nathan J. Trifone Invitational, Colonial Country Club
Champions Dinner, Maplewood Estate
Closing Ceremony, Maplewood Estate
I bought a pewter jug off eBay to make a trophy to award the winning team. The plan is to build a wooden base so we can add the names of the winning team each year. But, that may actually have to wait until the third annual Nathan J. Trifone Invitational as time has a way of sneaking up on you...

To show you how committed I am to this tournament, I actually ordered custom golf tees (not t-shirts) that say “Nathan J. Trifone Invitational” to give out in the gift basket. Awesomeness! The gift baskets also include a sleeve of TaylorMade Tour Burner golf balls, a welcome note from the chairman and some snacks.

As you can see, the weekend definitely has the feel of an actual tournament with a little twist to make it my own. Long term, I would like to expand the field and turn the tournament into something bigger - like a fundraiser for a local charity. Well, see. That’s quite a few years away.

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bducharm says:
The betting line at Ladbrokes in London is Team Nathan is a -120 and Team Mark is a +110 - put it ALL on Team Nathan - with his recent hole in one he has the hot hand!!!
Kickntrue says:
@mustang- is that your sister? ...
bkuehn1952 says:
I like it. Can't wait for the re-cap on Monday.
dartboss04 says:
awesome!...i love planning golf tournaments too...had custom tees trophies made for my friend's bachelor party scramble last year...funny it was an invitational as well...has a nice ring to it and air of exclusivity...really exclusive for your tourney apparently...
mustang6560 says:
@BK- you'll have to wait until Tuesday as Monday is Memorial Day! :)
legitimatebeef says:
Torleif Sorenson says:
Great idea for the trophy... just like the Stanley Cup. I wish I could be there to voice-over and record the highlights DVD.
Backquak says:
I see who got all the good genes in the family. Did they drop you a few too many times Nathan?
larrynjr says:
I work at my local school district and the High School has an end of year golf tourney for the staff. It's played 4 "man" best ball format with generally lots of alcohol and fun. The "winners" generally play under par but as I've never been on or near their teams, I think they might "enhance" their shots and scores. It's good fun none the less.
mjaber says:
Odd... Nathan ignored Kickntrue's question.
homermania says:
@mjaber - I noticed that, too. I'm sure acknowledging that she's his sister would open up a nice thread of comments.
Kickntrue says:
@mjaber- he may not acknowledge it on the site, but I'm pretty sure the bruise on my left arm is confirmation.
Duke of Hazards says:
mjaber says:
@Kickntrue... Did he use his "Hole-in-one" club to make the bruise?
Backquak says:
@mjaber you mean the club Nathan borrowed from Andrew, then bought from Andrew for a small reasonable fee, and now hangs on his wall behind his desk as a reminder of said glorious accomplishment. No he would never tarnish the prize possession with such an act,

He would just borrow another of Andrew's clubs and wack him with it.
billbadaz says:
Scrambles, I love them! Denny's, and the golf kind.
Banker85 says:
sounds fun! Good Luck! The girl in the middle is a cutie!
Torleif Sorenson says:
...and probably off limits, too, Banker85. Move along...
Matt F says:
When you're married, it doesn't matter where you get your appetite, as long as you eat at home.
guzzlingil says:
sounds like a fun time....!!
wrhall02 says:
Who won?
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