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Results From The Nathan J. Trifone Invitational
By mustang6560 on 5/31/11
I am happy to report that Team Nathan won the second annual Nathan J. Trifone Invitational!

Last year, my team shot an 8-over 80 and lost by one stroke to my brother's team. But this year, we shot even par to win by three strokes!

I did my best to give my family golf tournament the feel of an actual tour event and I think I accomplished it. The weekend started off great with the Opening Ceremony Friday night at my house. I had the chicken and andouille gumbo ready for when my sister and brother in law arrived from Dallas. I surprised everyone with the welcome packet, which included a sleeve of new golf balls and the custom made golf tees (not t-shirts).

Over dinner, we reminisced about last year's tournament, joked around and made fun of each other a bit - you know, the usual family stuff. We ended up combining the Gentlemen's Cocktail and Ladies' Social and played life-size Jenga (my sister and brother in law gave it to me as a late birthday present) at my place.

But, at the end of the night, the sense of competition had set in. My brother asked me what my plan was for the next day (in terms of practice) and I told me, "I've officially welcomed you to the tournament. I've fed you. But now it's time for the competition. I'm not telling you anything!"

Golf is very much a strategic game and if there is one thing I excelled at as captain of my team, it was strategy. I cannot reveal my strategy here on oobgolf because my brother may inevitably read my column, but I can tell you this. My team met up Saturday morning and went over the game plan that helped us win. I had a wedding to go to in Minden, Louisiana later that afternoon so I wasn't going to be around so I made my teammates swear to keep the details of our meeting a secret. Luckily, my sister was around to protect my dad who is a big softy and not ultra competitive. In keeping with the plan, every time my brother in law asked what we did, her response was "I'm not at liberty to say".

We teed off early Sunday morning at Colonial Country Club - so early that we weren't able to practice on the range beforehand (we'll have to make adjustments for next year). Our first hole did not start off well as we all missed our approach short of the green. But we were able to scramble for par by making a 12 foot putt courtesy of my sister. On the second hole, my dad saved us by hitting our approach from the fairway of hole three to about 25 feet.

By the third hole, we began to find our rhythm and we went on a birdie run on hole five, six and seven. We scrambled for par on hole 8 and 9. I couldn't believe it but we were three-under at the turn! I was thrilled (but kept it to myself as captain) because at the same point last year we were four-over!

We did not play the back as well as I would have liked, but we managed one birdie, four bogeys and four pars. We had a birdie putt on 18 thanks in part to my dad's approach, which left us four feet from the hole, but we couldn't get it to drop. My goal for the tournament was par and we reached it!

Since we went first, we had the opportunity to watch Team Mark finish on 18, a hole in which they bogeyed. Watching off the green, we all shook hands and my brother was smiling big and said "Did y'all do better than last year?" I answered "Yes". He replied, "Good, so did we". For a second there, I thought he might have bested our efforts by his smirk. However, when we exchanged scorecards and he saw our 72 he said "No way!". Immediately we jumped up out of our seats and began our victory celebration!

All in all, it was a great weekend. We had the Champions Dinner later that night and my brother cooked a feast (he's a great chef). It was a four course meal, which started with homemade tomato basil soup, a blue cheese and bacon salad, filet served over mash potatoes and asparagus and we finished with natural vanilla bean ice cream topped with fresh fruit and fruit syrup.

For next year, we've discussed opening up the field to a few more players. I'll let you know to see if we have anyone in the area who would want to play.

Team Nathan's Scorecard

Team Mark's Scorecard

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homermania says:
Your sister is hot.
mjaber says:
Since the current standings are 1-1, I think you should hold off 1 more year before inviting new players. I think you need to settle the "family feud" first. :)
bkuehn1952 says:
Outstanding! 364 more days of gloating and trash-talking. Family competitions are the best (when you win!).
falcon50driver says:
What ? An article with no mention of the hole in one?
Torleif Sorenson says:
Did you sing the ¡Olé! song, like at the Ryder Cup?
guzzlingil says:
sounds like an awesome weekend...!!!

you should allow the winners to determine the menu...for next year!
mustang6560 says:
@guzzlingil- absolutely. I plan to cook a feast for next year!
guzzlingil says:
Curious Mustang.....are the scores handicapped...??..

btw, if you are ever in BTR, lets play a round....
billbadaz says:
man, now I am friggin hungry!! You listed 4 of my favorite foods, steak, bacon, mashed potatoes, and ice cream. Going to J Alexander's for lunch now...
guzzlingil says:
@billbadaz....chicken and andouille ain't bad either...!!!!!!
mustang6560 says:
@guzzlingil- sounds good to me.
Banker85 says:
spill the beans what was your strategy? i dont see how it could have possibly helped...
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