The Best Golf Equipment For Your Swing
By Kickntrue on 6/1/11
Full disclosure first and foremost- the company this article is about, Swing Labs, is owned by the same company that owns oobgolf, SkyHawke Technologies LLC. That said- they have no editorial control of oobgolf and I'm writing this article independent of their knowledge. Moving on...

The concept of Swing Labs is pretty simple and extremely powerful - let golfers know what golf equipment is best for their golf game, verified by independent testing, not by who has the biggest advertising budget. Different golf equipment is tested (by yet another independent 3rd party, so Swing Labs has no bias) in every available shaft, shaft flex, head and setting. Each of those options are tested with all kinds of swing speeds and conditions. All that info is then crunched, so when Joe User (you!) comes along and swings on a launch monitor, Swing Labs can tell you what piece of equipment is best suited for your game. This takes into account everything, but to name a few factors; distance, launch angle, forgiveness and spin.

Furthermore, the beauty of Swing Labs is that once they have your swing data, they can actually tell you when any new piece of equipment comes along that is better for your game. So not only do you get help making sure you're buying the best equipment today, but you can also be updated a year later when a new driver comes out that will actually help someone with your game generate more distance and control. Nice info to have!

Currently, the best place to find Swing Labs is at a GolfTec, which has over 150 locations throughout the USA and is in most major metropolitan areas. They are also in a couple US-based Golf Town stores and Golf Etc. Head in- and ask to be analyzed. There is a cost to get fitted, but in some cases the store may prorate a portion of the fitting fee back towards the purchase of equipment. Frankly, it's a small price to pay for the comfort of knowing the equipment you are going to drop major dough on is the best actual golf equipment for your game.

Swing Labs
GolfTec Locations

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Backquak says:
love the concept, our golf etc. closed about 9 months ago now I will have to drive 2 hours to a golftec, sad sad sad, I really liked that golf etc,
birdieXris says:
i'll have to see if i have that around here. There's a golf etc, but their simulator area looks a little.... beat. Golftec is up by my fiancée's place so i could always hop by there easily enough :)
manny.101 says:
great sounding concept! bring it down to AU!
Rocketballz says:
Apparently your endorsement worked. My local GolfTec is booked for 3 weeks out.
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