Did You Accomplish Your Goal(s) in 2011?
By mustang6560 on 11/3/11
With the end of the 2011 golf season in sight, it's time to start reflecting on your accomplishments and your failures so you can be a better player in 2012. Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to run a series of end of the year columns to encourage you to contemplate. The first topic is "Did you accomplish the goal(s) you set for yourself in the beginning of the season?"

It's important to think back about your performance over the last year because it will help you set your personal goals for next season. Did you accomplish what you set out to do in back in January? Why or why not?

In my case, my goal for 2011 was to break 80 and I have not yet done it. I know I still have seven or eight weeks left, but with college football in full swing (I'm going to the LSU vs. Alabama game Saturday - Geaux Tigers!) and the cold weather in toe, my season is effectively over. I would like to think I still have time to finally break 80, but realistically my time is up.

So now, I must answer the question why. Well, I think there are a few reasons why I didn't get it done. First, I switched equipment mid season. I started the season playing a Callaway X-460 driver, TaylorMade R9 irons, Cleveland CG12 wedges and a Nike Ignite 003 putter and I finished the season with a completely different bag - Mizuno MP-630 Fast Tracker driver, TaylorMade TP MC irons, SCOR4161 wedges and an Odyssey White Hot #1 putter.

Second, I started listening to other people's advice too much. Andrew likes to joke with me that he'd be scared of the kind of player I could be if you combined my natural swing with his mental toughness. When we first started playing together, all he had to do to throw me out of my rhthym was to say "Man, your back swing is so slow" and boom, my round was shot! I catch myself from time to time trying to apply everyone else's opinion about my swing and it throws me off. It's good to take advice every once in awhile, but trying to take everyone's advice is a recipe for disaster! I'm not making excuses because we all know what excuses are like. Rather I'm trying to help identify what I need to work on next year.

But hey, I guess my season was not completely lost because I did get a hole in one!

So what about you, did you accomplish your goal(s) in 2011?

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jrbizzle says:
I made two of my three goals for the year.

1 - Get my handicap back under 20 (done, barely with a 19.8 that's hanging on a thread).

2 - Break 90 at least once (done, twice).

3 - Win my annual "major", which is an annual buddies golf match we like to call "The Plasters". The winner gets a green jacket purchased from a Goodwill or other thrift style store. I lost by one stroke to fellow oober erickbelus, who made an amazing shot out of the water hazard on the 18th hole. He was our own version of Bill Haas at the Tour Championship.
mjaber says:
I'll have to go back and see what my goals were, but I can tell you that whatever they were, I most likely did not accomplish them, due to the small amount of golf I played. With a new daughter, my weekends were spent with her and my wife for most of the summer, and I wouldn't change a thing.

I have plenty of time to golf. My daughter is growing way too fast...
mrpolnaszek says:
I accomplished all three of my goals (granted they were not especially difficult):
1. Join a club and obtain an official USGA handicap - Jamestown GC and at present a 31.0 handicap
2. Score under 50 (I play 9 holes as that is what my course has) consistently - I am scoring 50 or under at least 75% of the time now.
3. Play in a tournement - played in three no trophies, but meeting lots of great golfers
birdieXris says:
yes. My goals were to get my handicap down into the low singles (under 5) so at 4.4 i'm pretty good. I also accomplished a few swing goals that i set for myself.

Unfortunately i didn't accomplish any of my tournament goals. Oh well, next year.
bkuehn1952 says:
To be most effective, goals need to be written down. Unfortunately, I never recorded my goals, much less my plans on how to accomplish them. So my short term goal will now be to write down, prior to 12/31, my 2012 golf goals along with plans as to how to achieve them. Thanks for the friendly push!
guzzlingil says:
Won back our Ryder Cup trophy from the men of the (985).....
Panerai111 says:
My goal was to get better and I think I did, for the most part. My handicap is lower and I'm having a lot of fun on the course.
sjduffers says:
Made 3 out of 4, ain't too bad...

+ I lowered my handicap, consistently around 15 now.
+ I had my best score (2 of them actually) yet: 81 and 82. Had a small chance at breaking 80, but that wasn't to be this year, or maybe in the few weeks left? :)
+ I improved my GIR numbers, particularly on par 5s, but they are still pretty bad.
- I didn't improve my driving distance: as I kept losing weight, I lost some mass, but didn't make up for it by increasing speed... :(
Banker85 says:
my goal was to get in the sinlge digit hcp. I didn't play enough to reach it, only 4 rounds :(
always next year!
Dusty23 says:
haven't really looked yet, but i don't think so. still have essentially 2 weeks in our handicap season but i don't think my index is going to change much from the 12.2 i started with, hoped to do better with fairways, greens, putts, i think there might be a little improvement, but not my goal. Have played more, 37 rounds in 2010, with a lttle help from weather should break 50 by 1 Dec for this year. played some new courses that were on my goal list too
mattshaver says:
my goals were to break 100 with regularity (done!) and to break 90 (not yet...). golf season in houston is still going on so i have a chance to achieve both goals. i haven't accomplished the sub-90 goal yet, most likely because i was out of the country for 4-5 months this year and wasn't able to play any golf then.
legitimatebeef says:
My goal was simply to lower my handicap and I failed. In fact it ballooned back into the double digits for a little while. I got myself mired in some serious swing modifications and still I'm trying to claw my way back towards respectability; still my swing is in a bit of existential crisis.

Anyways my local course remains in good shape so there is still time to turn it around.
snuffyword says:
1. I wanted to break 90 at every tournament - 40%
2. Lower my handicap by five points - failed
3. Minimize 3-putts and triple bogey - 50%

Due to an injury in May, I had to really work hard to get back to where I was at the beginning of the season. So, I did not accomplish my goals, the year seemed like a throw-away year, and I am questioning if I will ever get down to a single digit handicap. This year, golf became more like work and I lost the fun factor. I will re-focus and set new goals for next year. My first goal is to stay more active with oobgolf.
chipotle mg says:
My goal was to win one nimaga tournament this year. I was hugely successful as I won 3 including the match play championship. I also broke 80 for the first time this year (79) but that wasn't a goal I had set out to accomplish beforehand. I am definitley getting better and thanks to oob golf, i know exaclty how much better.
dottomm says:
My biggest goal was to give myself 5 years to break 90 or I quit. I am at the end of five years this December and have come close, but no cigar. This year 93 was the closest I came. 2 Months ago I felt it was gonna happen 'any day'. These days I can barely hit a fairway. So frustrating.
legitimatebeef says:
@dottomm: prayin for ya buddy! Don't give up.
FallOfTim says:
My goal was to get back to pre-career/pre-fatherhood handicap. I used to be a single-digit handicap, now Im sitting at a lofty 15ish. I've been making progress and I know its going to happen, just need to play a little more and get more consistant- especially with my driver. Oobgolf has definitely helped me see some glaring weaknesses in my game, which has helped me to shave a few strokes off here and there- just like hardcore porn. =)
askarzy says:
No, my handicap doubled...
frankteo714 says:
My goals were to break 90 and get to an 18 handicap. My low score was an 84 and I am a 17 handicap. I'd say it was a pretty successful season, but it could have been better.
erickbelus says:
I won the previously mentioned green jacket with a barefoot approach shot out of the water....mission accomplished
mmontisano says:
i took a minor step backward towards my goal of getting to a single digit handicap. my moving to the other side of the planet to Singapore was the main culprit. but right when i was starting to settled in, a bike accident derailed me. i'm slowly fighting my way back but it won't happen this year.

so bring on next year!
cscovil says:
Nothings going to beat 2010: Ran a marathon, hit a hole in one, and beat cancer. So, 2011? Yes...I finally broke 80 with a birdie on the last hole, worked at a golf course, learned to play the course; not the other players(on course advice was messing up my head), and lowered my handicap. I joined oobgolf this year, and it's been a blast!

2012?...gotta fix my nightmare called the "Driver."
manny.101 says:
Planning ahead for my goals in 2012.
1. Get a handicap
2. Play enough rounds and have my handicap lower than what it last was (2).

Any ideas for more goals? No hole in ones (thats a box i can tick 5 times)
DrLongballz says:
My Goals for the past season were:
1.) Up my GIR%
2.) Up my FWY%
3.) Lower my HDCP to by 2-3 from 13 to 11 or even 10

Turns out my season was going well until the beginning of July. I started to get "too cute" with my swing and it turned out crippling to the rest of my game. I wanted to put a nice draw on the ball and I was over-thinking every swing. I've never had a formal lesson so that's the first step to improving my now 16.9 hdcp next year.
beisenhauer says:
Fariway: 50% (2010) -> 59% (2011)
GIR: 38% (2010) -> 48% (2011)
Hdcp: 12.1 -> 9.0
Low gross (78) for my flight in the club championship.

I'd call that a pretty successful year. The only thing I wanted to do that I didn't was to shoot par or better for 9 holes. I had a putt at it at least twice (once from 4 feet). Next year: scrambling.
brian575 says:
My big goal was to break 100 and I did that with a 98, I really wanted to get my hanidcap in the 20's but that did not happen. Next year same 20's handicap goal and to break 95.
SteveMM says:
It's my third summer playing (picked the game up in June two summers ago) so my goals are a little less ambitious than some. My goals were to finally break 100 and to get my handicap below 30. Here's how I did:

-I scored an 87 on a par 66 course. Yes, it was a pretty easy and short course, but I figure that's far enough below 100 that it counts.

-I keep my semi-official handicap through diablogolf.com, and it currently sits at 29.9. My Oob handicap is still over 30, though.

My best golf tends to be in September, and that was the case this year as well. I've had some significant issues crop up here at the end of the season. I'm hoping that the really cold weather holds off long enough for me to straighten things out before the clubs have to go away for a few months.
Mr_X says:
I do not remember writing down goals at the beginning of the season. I had some thoughts, but in 2012 I will put pen to paper.

My general 2011 goals:

I got into a schedule tee time. I signed up for annual pass to a good muni course - Winnetka GC. Getting out regularly helped my swing and pace of play. I find I play better when the group moves at under a 4 hour pace.

Work on driving distance. I am driving the ball longer by at least 15 yards. I had multiple drives over 280 this year. Playing the same course and seeing your drives move further down the FW each month is great!

I wanted to shoot 85 or better this year. It didn't happen. I shot in high 80s 5 times. My swing is much improved over last year. I am hitting more controlled golf shots. But, I still have too many bad swings and bad mental mistakes (Often they follow each other). In the off season I want to start building a better pre-shot routine and timing it. My think box and hit box should be about 25 seconds I think.
dottomm says:
@legitimatebeef; Thank you. Every bit helps. Thinking about it more, I've got to change my attitude. I've learned patience can really pay off in a single round of golf. I need to apply that thought to the longer view of the game. Perhaps, instead of quitting the game I love so much, I just stop keeping score?
larrynjr says:
@dottomm; have you tried some lessons yet? I broke down and took a swing lesson this season and it has helped immensely.

My goals for this year 2011:
1. Break 90; accomplished, 86 for a full 18 at one course and a combined 41, 45 for 9 holes at 2 seperate courses.
2. Lower my handicap; accomplished, started at 27 for the year now at 24.

For 2012? Break 85 and get below 20 for my handicap.
dottomm says:
@larrynjr; Yes. I've taken some lessons from a great instructor ( he can't believe I haven't reached that goal either) and they really got me headed in the right direction but it seemed every lesson set me back a while too. I played a nice round this past weekend. Didn't score great, hit a few out of bounds, missed every putt, but overall I'm was hitting well and feeling good and that is most the battle. I've shot low 40's on 9 holes multiple times. It just seems I always "blow up" for at least one hole (or more) when I play 18, and that is essentially what ruins my score. The weather is starting to change. Long term forecast calls for one or two more weeks of sunshine before a full run of rain til the end of the year. You can bet I'll be out there trying to knock down the 90 barrier til 2012. Thanks everyone here and all my friends for their support. I will be throwing a party when I do break 90 and all of you OOBers are invited!!! It won't be long. I promise!
levilacandula says:
Unfortunately not. I was aiming to be a bogey player by end of 2011, but with the injury I suffered the end season of 2010. Now Im a bit healthy and been working with my coach... and continue to strive to be a 18 handicap player.
Virtuaframax says:
my goal was to get my handicap under 15... didnt make it... in Cleveland OH the offical golf season for hcp ends on 10/31... guess what: i end up shooting a 38 and a 41 on 11/5 and 11/6 with 60 degrees days... so my oobgolf handicap is actually under 15...
Virtuaframax says:
second goal was to improve the iron ball striking... bought a used set of titleist zb blades and after about a month of struggle and lot of range time, my iron ball striking improved drammatically (sacrificed the lenght though). i ended up sticking with the blades in the bag and left the AP1 at home...
Tim Horan says:
Stagnated this year. Didn't improve overall. Dropped a couple of shots in the mid season caught them back up but didn't improve. Each year I look to shave a shot or two. Each year I plateau mid season and coast through the rest of the season.
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