What Is Your Goal for 2012?
By mustang6560 on 11/8/11
With the end of the 2011 golf season in sight, it's time to start reflecting on your accomplishments and your failures so you can be a better player in 2012. Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to run a series of end of the year columns to encourage you to contemplate.

Last week, I asked if you were able to accomplish your goals(s) during the 2011 golf season. Some said yes, others said no. Even though several of you, including myself - fell short of your objective, the good news is you HAD a goal. And that leads me into my next end of the year topic, "What is your goal(s) for the 2012 golf season?"

I have two goals for 2012.
  • Break 80

  • Get through a round at Deerfield with no three-putts
My first goal is a carryover from 2011 and the second is new. I feel like I have the talent to be a single digit handicap and shoot in the 70s regularly, but I've yet to break the 80 barrier. As for my second goal, the greens at Deerfield are by far the toughest I play on a regular basis and they own me. I'm not sure what the greens run on the Stimpmeter, but they are super fast and they feature subtle breaks, which can be a deadly combination if you're not putting well. I typically three-putt anywhere from two to four times per round so my goal is to nip it in the bud because three-putting four times during a single round really takes the wind out of your sails.

As part of my off season training, I'm reading "How Great Golfers Think" by Bob Skura to give my mental game a boost. So far he's talked about personal goals and how to properly set them. He stressed two things: 1) your goals need to be specific and 2) you need to actually write them down. He said too many people set general goals like "I want to improve", which makes it hard to measure progress. By being specific, you can more easily gauge your progress though the season.

So now's your chance, let's hear what you've got in store for 2012!

photo by DonkeyHotey

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GolfSmith7 says:
Handicap of 5 or lower, I am currently at 6ish and my score average to be in the 70's I am now at 83ish. Those are my two goals for 2012!
mattshaver says:
1. Shoot at least 5 rounds in the 80's.
2. Lower oobgolf hdcp to <25.

I have been shooting mid 90's a lot lately, and I feel like I'm just a few steps away from breaking 90.
dartboss04 says:
I need to get in better shape, which I hope will help increase my driving distance. I'm not looking for much, just 230-240 consistently. I know I will never be a long hitter, but when I can't reach 430 yard par 4's, that's a problem for me. I want to be able to compete in the new men's club I joined. I played in an event a couple weeks ago and the course length (windy and wet as well) just kicked my butt.

In terms of a numeric goals, I want my handicap to be in the single digits by the end of the year, and would love to see my GIR% increase to 35%.
jrbizzle says:
Break 85.
theghost25 says:
1. Get my scoring average below 75.
2. Hit more fairways. (off season testing is underway already!!)
3. Improve my thought process, and use that to help my thinking on the course.
4. Focus more on consistancy and accuracy than distance this year.

Ok so is it Jan 1 yet? :)
sjduffers says:
1. Break 80
2. Increase my GIR% to 6 greens per round minimum (i.e. 33.3%) for the last 20 games
3. Drop another 2-3 pts on my handicap (goal is 12): this should take care of itself if I achieve goal #2 and keep working on the putting...
Agustin says:
Index below 7... 6.9 would do just fine :)
GBogey says:
1. Lower my handicap from 14 to 11 - 11 seems strange but it equates to 12 over par at my most frequent course
2. Play 3-5 courses on my special 18 list. So far I have played 3.
3. Enjoy playing more and get frustrated less. Accomplishing #1 would help here.
mmontisano says:
1. Relax. No need to get so down on yourself because of a stupid double bogey.
2. Break 80.
3. Get to a single digit handicap.
FallOfTim says:
-Break 80
-Get to Single Digit handicap
-Play at least one course that takes 3+ hours to get to.
-Get my 5 year old daughter on the course/range
-Buy a new driver, dont be afraid to hit it.
frankteo714 says:
1. Break 80
2. Get an eagle (still time this year to get this!)
3. At least 50% GIR and FIR for the year
4. Average in the 80's
5. Play Dubsdread at Cog Hill
levilacandula says:
First quarter of 2012 - be a bogey player (consistently).
End of 2012 - consistently score low 80s (14 handicapp)
TeT says:
avg 90 or below and stay there...
Panerai111 says:
1. Break 80. Came close a couple of times this year.
2. Be a better putter. Try to average 30 putts or less a round.
3. Get handicap to single digits.
4. Don't regress!
Matt F says:
Same as TeT. Average 90 or below and stay there.
SteveMM says:
With everyone aiming for scores in the 70s and 80s, it's almost embarrassing to announce my goals, but I'll do it anyhow:

1) Break 100 five times. I scored an even 100 once and broke 100 once this season.
2) Keep my handicap below 30. Right now it's 29.8.
bducharm says:
My 2012 goals are:

1. Win back the Club Championship and Senior Club Championship
2. Scare course record at my home course (62)
dc8ce says:
1. Break 80 again - I did it once back in July '09 and have been close a few times since
2. Drop the handicap from 13-ish to 11-ish
Dusty23 says:
drop my handicap index 1.5 pts, hit 50% of fw's,hit 50% gir,lower putt avg to 1.5
lose 20 lbs and stay in better shape so i have less injury problems
put in quality practice, short game, bunker play, driving
play at least two courses i haven't played yet
Banker85 says:
Play more.
Break 80.
Increase Driving Distance.
Drink Less while golfing.
Practice more.
Matt McGee says:
1. Break 80.
2. Handicap under 15.
3. Improve attitude when things aren't going well on the course.
4. Win my money back from Jake "Sandypants" Turley.
5. Think about moving to a warmer climate, where I can play golf instead of writing down my goals.
woobwoob says:
Re-shafting my driver and woods to Stiff flex. Hoping to break 80 next year, though i'd be just as happy if hitting 90 was only on a bad day. Still too many mid 90s scores the 2nd half of this year.
Mr_X says:
2012 Golf goals!

1. Lose 20 lbs by golf trip 2/12.
2. Lose 40 total by 6/12.
3. Record my scores. I cannot track my stats unless I record my rounds!
3. Shorten my entire pre-shot routine including shot/club selection, commitment, address, swing and follow through to be less than 20 secs.
4. 50% fairways.
5. 20% scramble for par.
6. Shoot 84 or better twice in 2012!
birdieXris says:
My 2012 goal is to break par.
stedar says:
My goal in 2012:
Hit GIR 75% or higher
Get avg putt below 1.8
No penalty shots
and break par ;-)
DougE says:
My goal is to get Player to 'fess up.
joe jones says:
To celebrate my 79th birthday by matching or beating my age. I came close January 13th but bogied the last two holes for a 80.
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