Off Season Preparation, Part 1
By mustang6560 on 11/23/11
With the end of the 2011 golf season in sight, it's time to start reflecting on your accomplishments and your failures so you can be a better player in 2012. Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to run a series of end of the year columns to encourage you to contemplate.

To recap, so far we've discussed whether or not you accomplished your goals in 2011, we've identified what you learned along the way and we've outlined your goals for next season. Now it's time to talk about your off season preparation, specifically, your reading material.

Are you planning to read a golf instruction book during the off season? If so, what book?

I purchased "The Art of Putting: The Revolutionary Feel-Based System for Improving Your Score" by Stan Utley to read this winter. I'm still waiting for it to arrive via snail mail and I can't wait to get it! My two goals for 2012 will require me to be a better putter of the golf ball so I decided to pick up a putting instruction book.

My plan is to read the book one time through to see if I agree with his philosophy on putting, and if I do, then I plan to go back through the book and use it as an instruction manual. I've heard Stan promotes an arc style putting motion instead of the straight back straight forward motion. I've traditionally tried to be a straight back straight forward putter but I feel like it's hard to actually take the putter straight back, especially on the longer putts.

Anyways, your turn!


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Mr_X says:
I have small library of golf books. I just ordered four books from Amazon:

From Tee to Green with Nick Faldo
Golf: The Winning Formula by Nick Faldo
From 60 Yards In by Raymaond Fllyod
Trouble-Shooting by Seve Ballesteros

The Chicago season will end soon. Usually I will read through 4 or 5 new books before Christmas. (What else am I going to do with my Sunday mornings?) Then I reread the ones I like before I head out in February on a golf trip. My biggest weakness is confidence and clear vision over my shots. Reading allows me to relive my well played shots and strategies over in my mind when it's too cold to play. I can also gain insight into the minds of golf's greatest players. By March I will have a game plan of areas to practice. Maybe I will find some different drills to work on in the new books.
legitimatebeef says:
Gonna re-read my dog-eared copy of Ben Hogan's Five Lessons over and over. I have to sort out my full swing, it's the big project for the winter. I took it all apart over the summer and still figuring out where everything goes.

Mr X: Didn't know Seve wrote a book. Gonna check that out. Your spelling is impeccable however you had some major trouble with the name Raymond Floyd.
mmontisano says:
re-read Hogan's 5 Lessons and pick up a copy of Dave Stockton's Unconcious Putting. my putting is attrocious and I need some serious help.
FallOfTim says:
Since I live in sunny California and can play golf year round, the only thing I'll be reading is Twitter feeds...
LongTimeAway says:
I will be rereading my favorite golf instruction books:

Power game: Jimmy Ballard's How to Perfect Your Golf Swing: Using Connection and the Seven Common Denominators.
Power game, mainly: Jack Nicklaus' Golf My Way.
Short game: Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible for pitching and chipping.
Putting: Dave Pelz's Putt Like the Pros. (I like it better than Pelz's Putting Bible.) Then, I will putt like I always do, which is anti-Pelz but it works for me. :-)
Head game: Bob Rotella's Golf is Not a Game of Perfect.

I had not heard of Trouble-shooting by Seve Ballesteros either. Thanks for mentioning it. I plan on ordering a copy.
BobDomecq says:
Just begun reading Zen Golf: Mastering the mental game, By J Parent.
GolfSmith7 says:
I just read Unconscious putting by Dave Stockton, read it in one sitting and it clicked, for my type of brain which prefers to focus more on the bigger picture it was way better than Peltz technical approach.
jel1011 says:
move south no off season
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