My Winter Workout Schedule
By mustang6560 on 12/7/11
With the end of the 2011 golf season in sight, it's time to start reflecting on your accomplishments and your failures so you can be a better player in 2012. Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to run a series of end of the year columns to encourage you to contemplate.

Now that Day Light Savings time is over and the cold weather is really starting to settle in here in Mississippi, I'm starting to put together a (semi) formal workout schedule to stay in shape during the off season. The basic structure is I spend three days a week in the gym (not a fan of the gym, check out The Extra 20 Yards) running and lifting weights, and then I reserve the weekend for golf (weather permitting).

Here is what I have so far.
  • Monday: 30 minutes of cardio, chest and tricep strength exercises

  • Tuesday: 30 minutes of cardio, leg strength exercises

  • Wednesday: 30 minutes of cardio, back and bicep strength exercises

  • Saturday: 1-2 hours on the range or 9 holes

  • Sunday: 18 holes of golf
I alternate between low weight-high reps and high-weight and low reps to keep my muscles on their toes. I usually take Thursday and Friday off to let my muscles recover before my weekend round. Even though The Wedge Guy told me to lower my expectations for winter golf, I still want to play my best so I don't want sore muscles restricting my range of motion.

If I am going to accomplish my goals for 2012, I will need to get off to a fast start come March when the weather starts to warm up. That way, by the time summer rolls around my game will hopefully be firing on all cylinders, which means I'll have broken 80!

What is your workout schedule?

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birdieXris says:
Monday: Bicep and shoulders, abs
Tuesday: Core, Taekwondo class
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: Legs and back, Taekwondo class, abs
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Taekwondo, light arms and shoulders if there's time, Golf if there's time.
Sunday: Golf (weather permitting)
birdieXris says:
All my workouts are about an hour, give or take. TKD class is an hour in itself.
Kurt the Knife says:
Monday: work my ass off all day. 90 minutes at the bar Ketel on the rocks, combo chow mein

Tuesday: bust my butt again. cook Chicken Marbella and Pommes Anna before wife gets home working her ass off. Share bottle of Santa Barbara Pinot with dinner. Core workout between the sheets.

Wednesday: butt. off. work. Dinner with my art-school-girl daughter. Anaerobic Brain circuits calculating her indentured servitude and hoping she doesn't catch a stray bullet in Oakland.

Thursday: Find butt beat me to the office by ten minutes. Bastard. Lunch with a friend. Cook dinner before wifey gets home. Nicoise salad and Provencal Rose. Sheets, core, several sets crunches.
Kurt the Knife says:
Friday: drag butt kicking and screaming. face folks learning they're lives are suddenly shorter than they thought. couple of sets of weeping. Cook grilled salmon and lentils de puy salad. immensely grateful. several sets shoulder work, hugs.

Saturday: core work raking leaves. 5 oz. Syrah arm curls at the wine bar over salad and kobe sliders. focus on glutes sitting through a movie.

Sunday: Shoulder work squeezing the wifey. Aerobics, family lunch feast and conversations among the throng of 30 or so. meditate staying between the white lines on the way home. Oysters, Bouillabase, white california sparklers and immensely grateful routine. More shoulder work and looking forward to more crunches.
Kurt the Knife says:
* their
mjaber says:
I chase a 15 month old 7 days a week. That's enough to wear anyone out.
nickmomrik says:
I've been doing CrossFit 4 times a week. Love it!
Banker85 says:
great now i feel fat thanks.
FallOfTim says:
@Kurt The Knive- HAHAHA! That sounds exactly like my schedule. Minus the Sunday get together with the family. I subsitute that out with NFL football from 9:30am- the 5:30pm game ends. During that time its some combination of beer/nachos/brats/sandwiches/and neglecting my children. After the game its an hours worth of random Pixar kids movies (with said children) and then "Sheets" time with the wife.
SniderS says:
Monday: work, eat, sleep
Tuesday: repeat
Wednesday - Friday: See Monday or Tuesday
Saturday: Home chores and projects. Pay attention to family. Eat. Sleep.
Sunday: Finish projects. Watch some golf. Eat. Sleep.
Hmmm.... Where to fit in exercise?
legitimatebeef says:
I'm pretty lazy compared you guys, that is to say I don't follow a schedule but in a typical week I'll hit the gym for weights two or three days. I alternate push and pull workouts. Try to keep it around 30 min. long. Then once a week I get out to the East River and pound some pavement, usually a three-miler. By the way thats something I do for mental fitness as much as physical, have done it my whole adult life. Really helps to clear out some fog. Also I don't own a car so I get a lot of what you might call exercise riding the bike to work, store, driving range, etc.
Matt McGee says:
I have every intention to work out for at least 30 minutes three times per week. I haven't managed three tirty-minute workouts of any kind within the same week even once so far this year. I'm not sure if I'm "paving the road to hell," with my good intentions, or if "it's the thought (intention) that counts," but I'm still trying.
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