Yoga, Anyone?
By mustang6560 on 11/30/11
With the end of the 2011 golf season in sight, it's time to start reflecting on your accomplishments and your failures so you can be a better player in 2012. Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to run a series of end of the year columns to encourage you to contemplate.

So I am thinking about doing yoga. Yea, yea, yoga is for women ... blah, blah, blah.

The reason I am seriously considering it is because I need to increase my flexibility - oh, and yoga pants are very flattering on women (I love you baby!). If you saw me trying to touch my toes from a distance you would think you're looking at a 90-year-old man who tried to bend over to tie his shoe and threw his back out in the process. Being more flexible in general is a good thing, but in the realm of golf it would help add distance off the tee (I could rotate around further) and help prevent injuries.

Regardless of whether or not I decide attend a yoga class or two, I want to increase my range of motion this off season. I googled "golf stretches" a few weeks back and found a few good ones, in particular on that I thought I would share with you. I am in no way certified to be a personal trainer, but I've added these 10 stretches to my daily regime and I'm starting to notice a difference on the golf course. So far, I am spending 15-30 minutes per day on average stretching.

Are you flexibly challenged? If so, have you considered yoga? If not, what kind of stretches do you do?

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birdieXris says:
I do the yoga in my P90X routine. it's awesome. I would recommend Yoga in any form to anyone.
Nojdemo2 says:
Better be careful:
mjaber says:
Instead of yoga, have you considered taking some martial arts classes?
Banker85 says:
Instead of yoga, have you considered taking some classes at Curves?
mustang6560 says:
@Banker85- I expected nothing less from you :)
birdieXris says:
Mjaber - also a great idea. I do both. Taekwondo is my art of choice. Helps with the balance and the mental game.
SD Charlie says:
Haha - Curves! Zing!

I'm actually seriously considering adding regularly schedule yoga to my workouts. My buddy is / was a personal trainer, and one of the things that males have to stay on top of is flexibility. Especially since most of us (I imagine) sit at a computer all day. I wouldn't worry about the trash talk (only for women, blah blah). That'll all even out when you're out-hitting all your partners. I am in awe and jealous of Rory McIlroy in particular, because of how much his body rotates all the way to his follow-through. Amazing.
Dusty23 says:
I have been using Yoga in some shape or form for years. I have had back problems since the early nineties and have even had a consult for spinal fusion. i have problems from my neck to my A$$ and i manage the pain with a good stretching program based on Yoga. I can say without a doubt that i am more flexible now than i ever was as a High School athlete and i can bend myself into some positions that a 54 year old man should not be able to. 30-40 minutes a day is all it takes while i'm watching TV
legitimatebeef says:
My girlfriend's a yoga chick; she's always saying to me "You know, it'll probably be good for your golf swing". I believe it and all but right now my only concern is what's going on with the clubface. I did learn a couple moves from her though, the downward dog and child's pose.
TeT says:
3 times a week every week. Started 1-1/2 years ago. Back is better, 1/2" taller. Still suck at golf...
mmontisano says:
I'm too afraid I'd accidentally fart trying to pull off the happy baby pose.

but there are some places out there that have golf specific yoga if you can find it. I know for a fact there is one in DFW.
jfurr says:
I do a brief version of what I think is called "sun follower/triangle pose" in pre round stretch. Been to a few yoga sessions and seems like a good idea.
oobscott2 says:
yoga is great, i also do the P90x yoga and its amazing how much more flexible I am and how much less back pain I have now (it's bad to have back pain at 28, but I play a lot of golf and swing hard and it wears it out)
elhacker says:
If you're single, I highly recommend Yoga. If you're married, I also highly recommend it. Can do wonders for the eyes.
dottomm says:
Yoga is awesome! It's really helped straighten out some lower back problems I had, and I only had to stretch a few times a day for 2-3months (no surgery thank you). I think I'm more flexible than I was at a younger age too. My posture is much better for sure.
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