How To Throw A Master's Sunday Party
By mustang6560 on 3/23/12
The first major of the calendar year, the Masters, is less than two weeks away and I can hardly contain my excitement. The anticipation of seeing the lush, green fairways and colorful azaleas of Augusta National has been building for several weeks now and it's starting to climax.

Due to poor planning on my part, I was stuck in a car driving home during the final round of the Masters last year (I have no one else to blame for the oversight but myself). I did get home in time to see Rory McIlroy's errant tee shot on hole 10, which turned out to be the beginning of the end for him, however I decided right then and there that I would not miss Master's Sunday ever again as a result of poor planning!

So this year, I'm throwing a Master's Sunday party. OK, so it's a little cheesy, but I don't care. It's going to be awesome and I know there will be at least one person in attendance - me! I'm sharing my idea with you for two reasons: 1) it may inspire you to have your own Master's Sunday party, and 2) I want to know if I'm missing anything. Here's what I have so far.
Dress Code: Green attire (obviously)

Entrees: Pimento Cheese Sandwich (the symbolic sandwich of the Masters)

Sides: Potato salad, Lay's Original potato chips

Refreshments: Lemonade (I'm debating about dyeing it green)

Activity: Squares, the betting game.
For Squares, I will pick the 54-hole leader and the two numbers of his score on the front nine, the back nine and overall will determine the winners.

What do you think?

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legitimatebeef says:
I think it's cute.
bkuehn1952 says:
Nice of you to put together something. Are we all invited?

All napkins, cups, etc... must be plain and the color green. If you have any linoleum or hard surface flooring, hold a putting contest on that surface. Buy some wine glasses or similar glassware. Assign every attendee a group of golfers. If any of their golfers gets an eagle Sunday, award the lucky partygoer some "crystal" ala the Masters tradition.

In order to keep everyone invested in the tournament and results, maybe assign everyone 1-2 players and award a prize each time their player gets a birdie BUT make them give it back if their player gets a bogey or worse.

Report on how the part went in 10 days!
Banker85 says:
Dress Code: Red Shirt Black Pants
Entrees: Jimmy Johns
Sides: Fiesta Dip and Ruffles
Refreshments: Pink Lemonade and Vodka
Activity: eyes glued to every minute in stunning HD
mmontisano says:
um, you have the refreshments all wrong. it should be lemonade and sweet iced tea so people can make Arnold Palmers. also get some vodka if people want to spike it.
FiddySnead says:
U all have the refreshments thinking about going with a hybrid...a mix of kentucky blue grass and california sensamila
snuffyword says:
I'll bring beer. I wonder if you can play beer pong with a golf ball.
clevelandstever says:
Use a plastic practice ball for beer pong.
legitimatebeef says:
Don't forget the popsicles.
C-4 says:
Pimento cheese sandwhich??? have plenty of t.p. i say fried chicken, collard greens, yams and cornbread..or Jimmy johns if you cant cook.
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