The first snowfall, viewed from
"La Cueva del Tor" at 11:30 a.m.
Winding down
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/25/12
Fellow oobers, I wish to beg your indulgence for a look backward.

Here in Minne-snow-ta, we are living up to our name as of 11:30 a.m. Central Time.  This means that golf courses around the upper Midwest will be covering the greens and shutting down for the winter.

Most oobers and golf enthusiasts might say that having played only 15 holes of golf all year makes for a disastrous season.  But I am without a car and unable to play golf as often as I want, so the circumstances require a different perspective:
  • This was the most time I've spent on a golf course since April of 2003 at the Las Vegas Paiute Resort's Snow Mountain course.

  • I got to play nine at the Country Club of Canton on September 11, which included making par at the 9th hole.  For many people, September the 11th was a day of sober reflection, but for me, it was long-awaited day of joy.

  • We also managed to squeeze in six twilight holes at Colonial Country Club in Jackson on September 13.  The humorous part of this quasi-round for me was reaching the front of the green at the par-3 fifth hole, then four-jacking it for a double-bogey.

  • After being miserably inconsistent with my Hogan Edge irons, a trip through the simulator yielded a spark of hope:  I was shockingly consistent in distance and shot-dispersion with a Mizuno MP-63 6-iron in my hands.
    So as soon as money allows, I will purchase a set of MP-63 long- and mid-irons, and happily retire my Hogans.

  • Also when money permits, I will also get a set of SCOR4161 short-irons and wedges.  This choice is simple, having seen Nathan use his SCOR4161 wedges to chip-in three times from off the green in the same round, including on two consecutive holes.  I am sold.
    (The fact that Nathan used those clubs to break 80 shortly afterward helped, too.)

  • Perhaps most importantly, the proverbial apple didn't fall far from the tree:  My son (who I only get to see about once per month) is now interested in the game.  Even on the day in June that I brought him his birthday presents; he insisted on practicing putting rather than looking at his gifts.

That last item alone might be the best thing of all, making 2012 was a remarkably good golf year for me.  Now, I just hope that I can acquire a car before next April.  The MP-63s and the SCOR4161 short-irons will just have to happen whenever they happen.

So, if you got to play more than I did in 2012, be thankful.  It is a matter of perspective, my friends.

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Banker85 says:
Glad you can look at the silver lining. Too many people complain all the time about little crap. Be happy with what you got and don't live with regrets.
windowsurfer says:
Two of my all-time favs out your way - Wildflower and Bemidji. I got to play Wildflower in May: 95 degrees, blazing sunshine and a 20 mph wind. Awesome!
Torleif Sorenson says:
Windowsurfer: I'm hoping to play Wildflower next spring - it looks like an attractive, prairie-style layout!
accarson3 says:
I played with a couple of older guys last Saturday in MD(yes older than me even)...the weather was clear and the leaves were at their peak. One of my playing partners said, "fall golf makes me sad." I guess you can take that comment in mamy ways esp for players in the autumn of their playing I enjoy every hole and every stroke...even the chunks and 3-putts.
windowsurfer says:
Wildflower is a jewel! I like the prairie holes best -- links style (but with some elevation!), few trees and stunning views. The holes down in the old elm/oak trees are nice too but those rolling wildflower bounded holes are a treat, with a capital hell-ya. You will walk in fields of gold, my friend.
Pappybro says:
It was a good year. I didn't play (health issues) but I went to a course every chance I could, practicing putting or just visiting to smell the grass. and admire the holes. Beats the hell out of learning to walk again.
mmontisano says:
mp-63s are amazing. go get them as soon as you can!
DougE says:
Torleif, I feel kinda bad for you. (I also feel like a glutton. 125 rounds, with hopes of 15 or 20 more before the courses around here all close.) I don't think I could put a positive spin on things if my season was like yours. I wish you the best for next season and hope you get your Mizzys.... and a car so you can get to the course on a regular basis. That's just sad.
Matt McGee says:
I hope next year is golf-rich for you, Torleif. It's great that your son is taking up the game. I play with members of my family regularly, and it's priceless to be able to do so.
I got to swing some of the MP-63s and MP-59s recently myself, and had the same experience that you did. I hope you get a set. They seem like fantastic clubs. I'm torn between those and having a custom set made. Custom clubs cost less, but there's no way to really know if they're as good as the Mizunos until they're done. I may have to flip a coin. Stay warm.
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