What was your favorite oobgolf guest column of the year?
By mustang6560 on 12/14/12
The third end-of-the-year question was submitted by oober jfurr, and he wants to know:

What was your favorite guest column of the year?

If you can't remember the name of your favorite guest column, here is a link to all of the guest columns we've received. I don't want to potentially influence the crowd so I'm not going to name my favorite (at least not now).

If you missed the first two end-of-the-year questions, click here and here to read and answer them.

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jfurr says:
I think it's great that Brian, Joe, and everyone else have written in guest articles. I think more should submit, I'd like to read a "Beef" column.

It's a hard decision, but my vote is for DougE's "Mind Play" as my favorite. I actually read it aloud to a coworker over lunch the day it was published.
birdieXris says:
i've gotta say, for sheer volume, Bkuehn1952...
bkuehn1952 says:
I agree with both of the above - DougE's piece was priceless and no one can get me to shut up. ;)
Duke of Hazards says:
The windchime killa gets my vote
legitimatebeef says:
As a regular thing I like bkuehn's for his fresh perspective on the samey old topics. But for singular impact I'd have to go with Doug's windchime story. It hits you in the gut. I can still totally picture "Charlie's wife", tears welling up, turning her back as a cringing, walking on eggshells Doug E approaches, hat in hand. "Just go away!"
joe jones says:
bkuen has so many good articles it is almost impossible to choose the best. His body of work is enough for me.
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