Best Golf Stocking Stuffers of 2013
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/17/13
Last week, we augmented our own research with an informal survey on what some oobers would like to see in their Christmas stocking on the morning of December 25. While not an all-encompassing list, we humbly bring you these five great golf gift ideas:

  1. A Disorderly Compendium of Golf
    by Lorne Rubenstein and Jeff Neuman
    Paperback / softcover, 352 pp.
    ISBN: 978-0761140849
    Workman Publishing

    Almost any book can be read once, but the best books in the world are those you want to re-read. The Disorderly Compendium of Golf is one of those precious few books.

    Many golf anthologies tend to be nice for only one reading, but that's it. Even the "Chicken Soup" series of golf books don't really rise above the others. But Lorne Rubenstein and Jeff Neuman's A Disorderly Compendium of Golf is so much better than the others; the authors executed this fun, multi-genre approach brilliantly — and in a consistently entertaining fashion that will happily keep your interest. The book's contents — stories, lists, quotations, and history worth knowing — are also plenty interesting enough that I continue to re-read this book for hours at a time. If you are trying to attract someone into taking up the game, I strongly recommend that you use the Disorderly Compendium of Golf as one of your tools. And with the multi-genre approach, the book is also very ideal for potential readers who have a short attention span, too. :)

    I truly hope that Rubenstein and Neuman eventually decide to write a Disorderly Compendium of Golf, Volume II. This is a solid, five-star book with no qualifications. It is so good, in fact, that I really wish that I had been one of the authors — the book and its title are just that (expletive deleted) clever and funny.

  2. Tip Cup Ball Markers
    Tip Cup Products, LLC.
    703-876-6063, 888-984-6287, and at selected retail locations
    Previously reviewed by Nathan Trifone

    Tin Cup Ball Markers are another one of those "so clever that I wish I had thought of it" inventions. Starting at $19.95, these durable metal stencils are available in almost 100 different varieties, including themed, multiple-Tin Cup packages. For more money, the company will even create a custom stencil for you. Tin Cups are also available for the American, Canadian, British, and Scottish flags, as well as a vertical tri-band stencil that works for the flags of Belgium, Cameroon, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico (with some added "charging"), and Romania, amongst others.

    (Your humble correspondent is still waiting for a stencil compatible with the Norwegian flag.)

  3. Bill Kroen's Golf Tip-a-Day 2014 Calendar
    by Bill Kroen, Ph.D.
    Day-by-day calendar, 640 pp.
    ISBN: 978-1449430474
    Andrews McMeel Publishing

    Author Dr. Bill Kroen has an interesting professional background: Not only is he a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist, but over 250 of his articles have been published in major periodicals and journals, covering child psychology, parenting, education, and golf. He has taught golf around the nation and is part of Callaway Golf's professional staff.

    His Golf Tip-a-Day page-a-day calendars have been published for almost two decades.

  4. Golf Balls

    Sure, choosing your preferred pellet is a highly individualized matter; everything from construction to compression to color is fair game and up for the closest scrutiny. But no golfer can live without them.

    To quote a famous shoe manufacturer's marketing department, "just do it."

  5. SkyPro
    By SkyGolf
    Available online and at better golf retailers

    From the engineers who brought you the SkyCaddie GPS golf rangefinders comes the SkyPro. Compatible with several newer Apple iPhones and the iPod Touch (5th generation), this monumentally clever device enables users to analyze their swing by providing thousands of essential data points about swing path, swing plane, club-head speed, club-face rotation, and shaft angles, among others.

    This may be a bit more pricey than the average "stocking-stuffer," but let us face facts: No golfer will ever turn down this gem.

"...and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeee."

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