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The Fall Season Rules!
By Snyper on 10/14/08
What's not to like about fall?? Let's talk sports first of all. Football season in full swing! Baseball season is winding down to the fall classic. Hockey season is beginning and Nascar is winding up its "chase" for the cup. Last but not least, it's got to be the most beautiful time of the year to play golf. The leaves are changing and most courses are green and in great shape. All that and I haven't even mentioned that cigar smoking is definitely in its prime! The evening temperatures are just made to sit out on the patio and burn off a cigar or two while the sun sets. Yes folks, I love the fall season!

Sad as this actually is, I had to install a second television in my bedroom this fall because I couldn't stand watching only one of the five or six things that I want to watch at the same time. Sometimes I want to see a couple different football games that are on at the same time. Maybe I want to catch the end of a golf tourny while I'm watching a hockey game. Sometimes I'd like to see the last 50 laps of a race but I don't want to miss Extreme Makeover Home Edition. You feel me??? So the second television is in and it's great! I would recommend it to anyone considering the idea.

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BMcDonald says:
I totally agree. The temp down here is about low 70's in the morn 80's by noon. Great time to play golf! And being from Boston fall-winter is really exciting for sports! Thanks to the teams for being post season bound year in year out! I hope to play golf a few times this week! And wind up for the big finish. Me and my father are trying to find what course will be the final course this year! Have fun while you can everyone!
sindigo says:
For me, Fall is like spring. Being locked up inside away from the 110 for the summer, Fall is the time for us in the Southwest to get back outside and enjoy ourselves. I am looking quite forward to playing rounds in 50-60 degree weather!!
jerdman says:
nothing beats losing a ball in a huge leafy area
Terry Spittler says:
I have to agree with "jerdman". I just played over the weekend and lost 3 balls in leaves.
Steve Wozeniak PGA says:
The fall season is AWESOME here in Seattle as well!!!! The colors, less people on the course, great crisp mornings, only bummer pluged lies and winter rules.....

komega19 says:
While I love golfing, and partaking of the occassional Cohiba in the Fall months, when I lose balls IN THE FAIRWAY due to leaves, it can get a tad annoying. Unfortunately, I live in the heavily wooded Upper Peninsula of Michigan... ok, I will stop whining, for now.
Where did I put that lighter?
ibcleary says:
Winter rules for leaves, Any ball found in the area where I lost my ball becomes my ball. Even if I dropped it. Have to respect the pace of the game ;) Just don't count the round towards you handicap.
ibcleary says:
in fairway due to leaves of course!!!
Snyper says:
I love that winter rules policy ib!
JWHpurist says:
"Any day is a good day to play golf." I even enjoyed the day we played a charity fund raising tournament in Placerville during a rain storm. Six players out of 71 finished the round and I had low score at +9. Wet as a "Waterdog" but a smile on my face!! JWHpurist
Richatvillage says:
Fall is the one of the bestthings about golfing in Michigan. Less people, courses drop rates, beautiful colors.Get a sunny day & enjoy it.Grab a Carmel Apple on the way home for the kids & you're a hero too!
SniderS says:
Love the smaller crowds, the crisp air, and smell of Autumn. Hate losing balls in the fairway leaves and the lower sun in Michigan makes it difficult to see the ball in flight. I've lost a few balls straight down the fairway among the leaves and sun glare in my eyes. All in all, I still love it.
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