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Cigar Smoking Is Healthy!
By Snyper on 6/30/08
By Matt Snyder, oobgolf contributer

As is already pretty obvious, I am an avid cigar smoker. I like to smoke while I play golf, cook dinner on the grill, sit around a campfire, or just relax out on the back porch on a beautiful evening. As much as I enjoy, my girlfriend hates it. I get a lot of flack from her and other haters about the "healthiness" of cigar smoking.

I make the case that cigar smoking is not nearly as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes because you don't inhale the cigar smoke. If you do inhale, I'm surprised that you are still alive! It is very clear that cigar smoke is way worse, about forty times, than cigarette smoke. Cigars don't burn nearly as hot as cigarettes and they are also not filtered, so their smoke is certainly not the greatest thing for your lungs.

I have also heard that smoking cigars can cause you to get stomach or throat cancer because the tobacco ends up in your saliva while you are smoking. I don't know about you guys, but when I smoke, I spit. Sorry about the crudeness, but there's just no other way to say it. I love the taste of a good smoke, but I am not anxious to swallow while I'm smoking. Am I alone on that island? Anyway, I am just not convinced that, unless you smoke four or five cigars a day, that you are taking in enough smoke or tobacco to cause any sort of physical harm to yourself.

Question; is anybody out there addicted to cigars? I don't mean addicted like you love to smoke them. I mean addicted like you will get the shakes if you don't smoke for a while. I, personally, have never heard of someone getting addicted to cigars. Obviously, their cousin, the cigarette, is highly addictive. But that is in no way true about cigars!

So in review, cigar smoke does not get inhaled, it is not addictive, and cigars are not smoked nearly as often as cigarettes. So will you haters out there quit comparing the two!?Cigars may not be as healthy as carrots, but I am making the case that they are not damaging to your health at all. They are certainly not nearly as bad for you as the cigarettes that the haters compare with cigars.

So here is what I need from my fellow smokers, help a brother out! Let me know what you guys think or know about cigars and how they affect your health. Does anybody know anyone who has ever gotten a disease or illness that was directly related to cigar smoking? We need to silence the haters, and one of the best ways to do that is to ruin their argument about how unhealthy cigar smoking is! Talk to me!

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theredmission says:
Hater here...sorry I can't help.
WATTR says:
Not a hater but a realist. I enjoy a good smoke on the course or on the patio at night. But really they can cause lip, tongue, and other forms of cancer. It is your choice to smoke. Its todays socity taht wants to ban anything that they don't like. This is the land of the free,I think alot people don't know that,screwim,smokeim if you gottim.
Kickntrue says:
At least you squeezed the word "golf" in at the top of the article!

The interesting thing for me about reading this is that you come across like you smoke 3 cigars a day. At least from what I know of you- that's not the case. A good cigar now and then- fine, more than that... it's just kind of gross. IMHO, of course.
turk944 says:
I enjoy a cigar every now and then, but I don't kid myself into thinking they aren't harmful. I don't think most people smoke them like cigarettes, but if you were to smoke multiple cigars every day, it could definitely cause problems. Here are some excerpts from the American Cancer Society

"It is not unusual for some premium brands to have as much tobacco in one cigar as in a whole pack of cigarettes"

"Cigar smoking increases the risk of death from several cancers, including cancer of the lung, oral cavity (lip, tongue, mouth, throat), esophagus, and larynx."

There are some other topics that are covered in this article that might answer your question (unless the ACS is one of the haters you talked about, I guess)

NWGaEagle says:
Right there with you Synper. It is 'risky', but it's much less of a risk than cigarettes.

Me personally, I'm lucky to get a couple of smokes in a week ... just because I really like a good hour long cigar :)

To counter turk944's cancer talk ... from the same link he provided via the American Cancer Society:

"While almost all cigarette smokers inhale, most cigar smokers do not. This may be because cigar smoke is generally more irritating. For those who do not inhale, tobacco smoke does not reach the lungs in the same quantity as it does in cigarette smokers. Therefore, the risk of death from lung cancer is not as high as it is for cigarette smokers, but is still three times higher than the risk for nonsmokers. "

Risky? Yes. But what isn't?
Josh says:
I must say from the title of this article when it showed up in my reader I thought you were going to discuss some reason they are actually healthy or some research or something.. the article had NOTHING to do with the title.
falcon50driver says:
My good friend who smoked cigarettes for 20 years finally quit because he wanted to live longer. He got run over by a cigarette delivery truck last week.
chipotle mg says:
Matt, I respect your opinion on golf and I enjoy reading your articles. I think it's ok for you to talk about smoking cigars and how much you enjoy them, but I do not think you are qaulified to talk about this topic. It has nothing to do with hate as much as it is a public health issue.
Snyper says:
Kickn, this is the "Cigar" Lounge isn't it??? And during this time of year, 3 a day is not that uncommon. Maybe if you invited me to play golf with you more often, you'd know that!

NWG, thanks for your support! m2d, well said!
Still hopin for some more support!!!
golfray says:
Cigars must be healthy. I started smoking them after I arrived here. When I first arrived in this town, My legs were so weak I couldn't stand unassisted, I couldn't form a comprehensible sentence. My coordination was so bad I couldn't even feed myself. I couldn't sleep through the night and had no bowel control. I can't say for sure that cigars helped me,because I was born here and didn't start smoking for several years.
Kickntrue says:
I'll have one of whatever golfray is smoking. I don't understand a single word you said- but it still sounded so good. Oh yah- except for the part about no bowel control. That's a little... wow.
PapaJoe says:
A very good friend of mine, and a Champions Tour Player, Larry Gilbert, died at the age of 55 of lung cancer directly related to nicotine in his lungs. Every time I saw him in the lead on either the Golf Channel or on occasion on a regular network coverage of the Champions Tour he had a cigar in his mouth, or it laid beside him on the fairway or green. I knew Larry for many years before his cigar addiction. For more than 25 years he was a cigarette smoker. He was "asked" by the Senior PGA Tour to not been seen on TV with a cigarette in his mouth. Therefore he switched to cigars, supposedly a more refined and accepted alternative to cigarettes. Although it may have been "more accepted" in terms of public media coverage, it was still the main contributor to his demise after contracting lung cancer. And he knew it. Yet he could NOT control it. (MORE)
PapaJoe says:
Larry was a hero in Kentucky! He was voted into the Kentucky Golf Hall of Fame about a year before he died. He accumulated a Kentucky record of wins that have never been been matched, as far as wins and top finishes of any Kentucky professional! What a shame and horrible epitath for such a great golfer due to the horrors of nicotine! I, myself, am "addicted" to cigars. Cigar smokers, don't fool yourself. You can be, and most likely are, addictted to cigars if you smoke one or more per day! I personally enjoy the hell out of a good smoke, usually one or more a day. But I don't kid myself! I know they are NOT good for me! I have my lungs and heart checked every six months, and so far, at the age of 65, haven't encountered any major problems because of cigars and nicotine. I feel fortunate! But I know that one of these days my doc will tell me to "knock it off". At that time it may be too late! I hope not!
kenjab says:
Hey KnT,

Re-read golfray's post. "When I first arrived in this town"..."I was born here." In other words, when he first arrived, he was a baby, hence the "symptoms" he mentions.

Good one, golfray!
falcon50driver says:
Puuurrrty sneaky Golfray....good one
Lhandley00 says:
Since most of the comments here are from the younger generation I must remind you that one of the most famous statesman in history, Sir Winston Churchhill was an avid cuban cigar smoker ( 7 - 10 "churchill's per day) and he did not die from anything related to cigar smoking. His most famous quote for the likes of us on this site was; "that my rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite; smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol". Long ashes, long drives and short putts to all.
rxman says:
My thought is that all smoking and any tobacco products that you ingest can cause cancer. It is a tough but true fact. It is also noteworthy that you may or may not be predisposed to other risks which may be a larger contributor to whether you get cancer - genetic predisposition. If your parents, great grandparents, etc have a history of it you may also be at a greater risk. So, people who do not smoke may get cancer. This does not discount the risk, smoking does increase your risk of cancer, and there are other contributors to each individual.

Nonetheless, I am guilty of enjoying a good cigar on the links. ( I have the touch of a blacksmith on the links too, and the smoking helps to cool my kiln!)

Here is a toast to All Good Things in Moderation.
PapaJoe says:
Matt: Check out "J Lo's" cigar images in "MY IMAGES". If she's going to puff on a big daddy, let's give her a big daddy to puff on. I love: "If J. Lo does it, it's gotta be good!" Although I still think dearly of my buddy and senior pro golfer, Larry Gilbert, he was stricken early by the usage of a 4-pack a day cigarette habit. He openly admitted that he was "long gone" before he took up smoking cigars at the age of 49. And to further his affliction he inhaled every puff he took in from some pretty strong cigar brands, and inhaled deeply! That ain't right! In loving memory to his wife and children, his great golfing ability and loving nature to all people in spirit will endure forever
brokeinorlando says:
This is America and we have the right to kill ourselves anyway we choose to do so.
JohnnyK34 says:
If you got the insurance, then smoke up! Damn insurance companies need something to spend their money on anyways. As for me and my lack there of, I guess I will just settle for the RARE smoke of a fine cigar. But despite all the prevention, we can not live forever. The way I see it, living is about 'quality of life': do the things you enjoy. If those things can kill you, find a balance between your level of enjoyment and your quality of life. To do so, imagine how gruesome your death can be because of your "indulgence." Then decide how much quality of life equals that gruesome death. Chances are you will determine that moderation makes the most sense.
PapaJoe says:
JohnnyK: Hooray for what you say! After all, we could be hit by a flying golf cart some day, or a stray blood clot! I just had another physical and check up and since I do light up a couple stogies a day. I asked in particular about my lungs. Doc says my lungs are in great shape, except for the right one which was half destroyed by a blood clot due to a stint device put in my heart two years ago. Thanks to that blood clot I almost died on the O.R. table in June, 2007. "Was that caused by smoking?" I asked. Answer: "No, didn't know you smoked." My daddy died at age 80. He smoked 2 packs of "Chesterfields" (non filtered) every day since he was 14 years old. Although his fingers were stained yellow by cigarette smoke, his lungs were clear as a bell. He died of brain disease. Which goes to show: Nothing... Good luck!
PapaJoe says:
PROBLEM IS: If you are older than 45, or whatever age the insurance companies impose, and you smoke, no matter whether it be cigarettes or cigars, you can be charged out the ying-yang for life and medical insurance, or not be able to get any at all. And if you do smoke, and say you don't, insurance companies have every right to order an autopsy after your demise to check out your lungs for smoke substances. If there is even a trace, CLAIM DENIED! It happened to a good friend of mine after 40 years of life insurance premiums. His wife and children didn't get a penny! He enjoyed an occasional cigar and a pipe every now and then. What a dirty, rotten, lousy, crying, shame!
Snyper says:
Insurance companies suck! No two ways about that!
birdieXris says:
I'm definitely guilty of a smoke now and then. I quit cigarettes a while back and haven't even looked back. Every now and again though, there's these hand-rolled cigars that Celi's Clubhouse gets and i can't resist having one.
Lin says:
My Grandfather smoked cigars and a pipe his entire life and lived to be 96. This is not a health issue, it's a media one. It's your choice, that's what freedom is all about. Today they bash cigarettes, tomorrow it's cigars and alcohol...and on and on it goes.
nwieder says:
yeah, I know what you mean. I go 70mph all the time, even in school zones, and I've never been in an accident. Also, decided to start having unprotected sex because , you know, the statistics are in my favor. I mean, what are the odds? They are so low right. I mean the AMerican Cancer Society thinks that cogar smoking increases your risks of laryngeal and throat cancer by 4-10x over the non-smoking population. But that's better thatn for cigarette smoking right? That equals healthy to me so you're going to have to pry my right to smoke cigars out of my rigor mortis stiffened hand. I mena, what are the odds, right?
www.cancer.org/docroot/ped/content/ped_10_2x_cig it's
nwieder says:
The point is, that rather than having emotional or 'my rights' types of discussion, just use the same amount of energy to get the data. The information is out there. Feeling strongly about something doesn't equal true information.
Jim Bucklew says:
One on the front 9 and one on the back. 3 to 4 rounds a month. Thats my limit. I do enjoy a fine cigar. healthy? No.
spombert says:
I was at my kids ballgame the other night. By the bleachers it said no smoking. I went down the right field line about 30-40 yards or so and had a cigar. The wind was blowing about 20+ mph (towards the bleachers). I wasn't there but for 4-5 puffs when a lady asked me to put it out. I did so but was frustrated. Although I could see how the wind might bring a hint of the smoke that way -it was also strong enough to blow it out of there just as fast. Pretty soon it will be banned everywhere and that concerns me.
ipv6freely says:
brokeinorlando says:
This is America and we have the right to kill ourselves anyway we choose to do so.

Actually, in most places, killing yourself is illegal. No, really.

Anyway, the point isn't that anyone cares that you're killing yourself by smoking, it's that you're harming others who choose to be smoke free, and that's not cool either.

On that note, I love the smell of a cigar, and even more so a nice pipe. My dads office in the basement always smelled of his pipe... I loved it.

So in short, smoking a cigar on occasion = good. Smoking a cigar daily = excessive. And in neither case is it healthy.
ipv6freely says:
spombert: Theres no reason why you can't be respectful of the people around you. If it bothers them, put it out or go elsewhere.
Thorre says:
We have become a world of fear. Every thing that give us pleasure kills us....right. Well what about stress. Everyone told my uncle that smoking his pipe was going to kill him. It did. He was 102.
ChainsawGolfer says:
Ok, I am a non-smoker: have been for 15 years. I recently moved and my neighbor who smokes cigars, gave me this book www.drtobacco.com/ ; I have been reading it for a bit now, and think a couple of things. On one hand I think people can find evidence to support just about anything they want - if they look hard enough. On the other, some of the evidence in this book is rather compelling. I can't say for sure. Get the book, read it, and decide for yourself. I am considering taking up occasional cigar smoking (1-2 times a week) to see if I can see any of the positive effects described in this book.
bludog1b says:
I started smoking Cigars about 2 years ago. I live in Denver, so during the winter months my smoking decreases to just about nothing (about 1 per month). However when the weather is nice, I generally smoke 2 maybe 3 cigars per week on average. There is no way in HELL you can tell me that smoking that amount is harmful to your health. I have noticed no difference in my Training (Running, sprints, weight training, etc). I ran track in college, so I am very aware of my running endurance or the change if any. The bottom line is that we, unfortunately, now live in a world where men act like women. Men are no longer handy. They cannot fix shit and the IN thing is to run around fearing that everything know to man is killing us. Guess what? We all are dying and you WILL die. Relax and start acting like men. In the meanwhile, IGÇÖm here holding down the fort for you puffing on a fat ass Cuban.
JoeKayaks says:
I smoked cigars and cigs for years. I quit about a year ago and it is the best thing I ever did. No one knows better than I the enjoyment one can get from tobacco. At the same time, it can have devastating effects on your health. We all know that. If you choose to partake, have at it...but in moderation. Nothing beats an occasional good cigar. But for me, I'm done with tobacco. I don't want it or need it.
falcon50driver says:
Last time I was in Chicago I went to Mike Ditka's Restaurant and Cigar Bar. I had a big Filet Mignon, a tall glass of Beefeater and Tonic, and an Arturo Fuente Canones. It was a little slice of Heaven.....I had a trip to Chicago last week and was looking forward to going there again. Guess what? The Chicago bastards have shut down smoking in ALL public places. Mike Ditka was at the next table and as I was leaving I thanked him for a good steak but let him know about my disappointment with the law......bludog1b you are so right, no one can think for themselves anymore, ask 100 young men what a spark plug is, no idea.
jbowlin2 says:
You know it's funny usually when I smoke a cigar it puts me in a good mood and relaxes me taking away stress which oh didn't you know stress isn't good for you either. Next time a hater gets angry when you are smoking a nice cigar tell them it's not good to get so worked up and stressed out about things either as that isn't healthy for you. Although probably not good to say that to a girl friend that you really like or a wife cause it might land you in the dog house. Besides that do you know whats in the water you drink the same drugs people flush down their toilets because there's no way to filter that stuff out from the water supply and also what about the food you buy at the grocery store? I would say anything we do anymore is hazardous to our health but you know what only certainties in life are death and taxes which the government will even collect when your dead.
wombatvvv says:
Cigar smoking is not "healthy", but it's not really that bad for you either.

Here is some statistical information from a National Cancer institute study into cigar vs cigarette smoking:

Sammy81 says:
I love Cuban cigars!

What's a spark plug?
enjoyresponsibly says:
Hey nweiner, driving 70 MPH in a school zone is criminal behavior and in no way comparable to smoking a cigar outside near the right field fence at a ball game. People like you are what's going wrong with this country these days. Making comparisons like that is irresponsible and hysterical. Man up.
cketchum773 says:
It may be people think that cigar smoking is a safer alternative to cigarettes. This is not the case - the practice is known to be a risk factor for cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, gullet (esophagus) and lung, and also and for a troublesome breathing condition - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
The cigar smokers had higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels and were more likely to have diabetes, than non-cigar smokers;Cigar smokers had about twice the risk of cancer of the throat, larynx, esophagus and lung as non-smokers.The risks were (except cancer of the lung)Doesnt matter if you dont inhale it, you are breathing it in and thats second hand smoking.
earlijoe says:
If anyone is still reading...
Interesting stuff. If you want some good research look up the Kaiser 25 year study, comparing non-smokers to moderate (1-2 cigars daily) and heavy (5 or so cigars daily). Results: If you smoke 5 cigars a day you are in high risk for all the ailments of smoking. If you are moderate cigar smoke the risk are so low Kaiser marked them as :Low" to "none".
Now, if you inhale, you must have lungs of steel and probably are in the high risk, even if you are a moderate smoker.
And, finally, the Kaiser 25 year study showed that if you are an occasional cigar smoker (less than one a day) you have no increases in risks, compared to none smokers. Biggest increases in risks was for those under 55 who smoke cigars.
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