Call me "ACE" !!!
By Snyper on 7/15/08
By Matt Snyder, oobgolf contributor

Almost every Monday morning, a good friend and I play 18 at Penn National Golf Club here in my hometown. We have pretty similar handicaps, so naturally, we like to put a little money on a the line and have some friendly competition with our round. Well, he's been beating me up pretty badly this summer, but I was coming off of back-to-back wins going into yesterday's round. For that reason, I had been talking a lot of smack about the upcoming round and how his time to beat me had passed bye. Always fun to act this way, but usually not a good idea.

Naturally, I started the round with a pathetic bogey on the first hole and then a terrible double bogey on the par 5 second hole. So, as the two of us are waiting on the third tee, a 194 yard par 3, I am eating my words and wondering how I can be so stupid! Of course, he hits first and sticks one about 10 feet left of the pin. I congratulated him on his lucky shot and stepped up to my shot thinking that this was going to be a very long day! I realized that the pin was way forward and that I had the wrong club in my hand for that pin placement, but there was no way I was going to go back to the cart at that point. I'm way too lazy in general and was far too dejected at that moment to care. I decided to choke down on my 3-iron and play a little fade to take off some distance. I looked at the flag and said "Well, let's try to hit a green and get something positive going here Matt." Next thing I know I am looking at the exact shot that I pictured. Man I love it when that happens!

The hole was playing into the sun and there was a bad glare on the green, so as the ball landed, my friend and I were not quite sure what happened. He said, "That might have gone in." I responded with, "I don't see it. That ball better not be long!" He replied with, "I don't think that's long. That just might have gone in Matthew." Turned out, he was right!!

As we drove up to the green, my heart was pounding as my eyes searched the green for my ball. When I parked the cart, I could see a ball mark about six feet in front of the pin and it was at that point that I started to feel confident. I ran up to the green, and there was my ball sitting in the bottom of the cup. Man, what a feeling! My first hole-in-one! And, just that quickly, my round went from a disaster to one that I will never forget. I went on to shoot a solid score and my opponent never recovered from the intimidation of the ace!

I had been close so many times, only to have to answer "No" every time someone asked me if I had ever had a hole-in-one. Now, I will welcome that question and smile as I tell the story and remember that feeling.

Here are the other hole-in-one's posted on oobgolf through the first 100,000 scores entered.

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chipotle mg says:
congrats, and that's a good club and a good hole to get one with. very legit.
klangdon says:
awesome, congrats.
El Presidente says:
Extending a big congratulations on your hole in one!
Kudos on a sporty little 74 as well!!
theredmission says:
Great story congrats!
theredmission says:
?- Has anyone recorded an albatross on the site yet?
Kickntrue says:
You know.. there were a couple "claims" on scorecards- but we just couldn't justify them. The scorecards looked legit- as in it wasn't someone just goofing around making all "1's" but the albatrosses were coming as hole-in-one's on 400+ yard holes.

That said- it is something we could look into further.
golfpro926 says:
Congratulations! Now you have something more to talk smack about!
TaylorFade says:
Congrats! Sweet. Mine was a 3-iron also.

BTW, kickntrue- The longest HIO is 448yds.
falcon50driver says:
Congratulations, Private message me your mailing address and I'll send you an Arturo Fuentes Canones. What ball did you use? If it was a Titless (as we call them) they'll send you a sleeve of balls and a pewter hole in one bag tag.
ToddRobb says:
Great shot Matt! I guess drinks are on you.
Snyper says:
m2d, it was a titelist pro v1. what do i have to do to get that sleeve of balls!!!??
falcon50driver says:
I think I got mine thru the Titleist web site. Adams golf sent me a Cap and a Certificate.
Tyler Cox says:
greendevil says:
Man, I want a hole-in-one. However, I just don't see it happening. I'm usually ecstatic just to hit a green let alone giving a tee shot a chance of going in the hole. I'm not that good or lucky.
kidputter says:
I got my bag tag from the Titleist website and i got a hat and sleeve of balls from Srixon for an ACE with each brand of balls. Nothing but congrats from Top Flite or Pinnacle
That Saxy Guy says:
I have to ask. Did you win, or were you so busy bragging that you forgot how to play the game?
Kurt the Knife says:
I can't wait for mine.
I see it now actually...Harding Park...#3, foggy san francisco morning.

Among the Great Redwoods, the Larch, The Fir,
The Mighty Scotch Pine.
The smell of fresh-cut grass.
The crash of mighty titanium drivers.
with my best girl by mi side, we'd sing..

sry. we can back to it being about u
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