Carnac and The British
By Snyper on 7/16/08
By Matt Snyder, oobgolf contributer

I managed a D+ on my predictions for the Masters at the start of the season. However, I think I was much improved with my picks for the U.S. Open last month. I am going to give myself a C+ for that performance. I again only had four players finishing in the top twenty. However, my winner made the cut this time, finishing tied for 36th. I managed two top ten picks and had only one player that missed the cut (Bart Bryant). So, I am looking to crack into the A/B category with this week's British Open picks. Here we go...

10. Retief Goosen is due for some good golf. He was once one of the "Big Four" but his game has been letting him down. I look for him to begin his track back with a solid performance this week.

9. Justin Rose has been around all year, but has yet to make a lot of noise. His game is better right now than it has been all season. I think the British Open style of golf is going to fit him well enough for a top ten, but not quite well enough to challenge for a win.

8. Mike Weir? Yep, he's still playing! We haven't heard his name much, but I am feeling a good week for him and perhaps a mini-comeback during the second half of the season.

7. Stuart Applebee is just an all around solid golfer. This will be another solid week for him and another top ten in a major. Solid is good, but not good enough to win.

6. Lee Westwood is having a pretty good year and has posted respectable finishes in the first two majors. I expect more of the same from him. He may actually challenge for the win this week, but I don't expect him to perform well enough on Sunday to seal the deal.

5. Sergio Garcia is not one of my favorites, but he will finish in the top five this week. I actually hope I'm wrong about this one, because I don't really feel like watching him play, but I think he is going to ride the high of winning the Players into a quality finish this week.

4. Davis Love III is my "feel good" pick this week. I love this guy and would love to see him break into contention this weekend. He has a game that fits British Open play pretty well and if he can get it done around the greens, he has the potential to make some noise at the top.

3. Brandt Snedeker has been solid in the majors and there's no reason to think that will change. I also enjoy saying his name, so I'm picking Brandt Snedeker to finish third!

2. Nick O'Hearn is my sleeper for this week. He has had a few quality finishes this year and I think this week just may be a bit of a break through for him. I don't think he's ready to win, but he will be around on Sunday.

1. Ernie Els!!!! Ok, ok. I am picking my favorite golfer of all time to win and that is a little cheesy, but I have to! He loves the British Open and this is his year to remind everyone that he is still one of the best in the game. His swing has looked excellent lately and he is only a few swings from posting great numbers. This will be the week he puts it all together and runs away with the British Open!

Alright, disappointments time. Phil Mickelson is my first pick to let down his fans. I don't have a lot of information to support this, but my gut says he may be back stateside by Saturday! Stewart Cink is usually someone we can count on to be in the mix on the weekend, but not going to be the case this week. I just don't see him playing well enough to challenge for this championship. He may make the cut, but don't expect him to even be in the top 20 this week. And lastly, I'm predicting K.J. Choi to have another off week. He is one of the best according to the world rankings, but I just do not see it in his game (plus I'm still ticked off about him stinking when I picked him at the Masters!).

So there you have it! Carnac has spoken! I'm getting better with each major and I expect these picks to be rock solid this week!

And now of course, some real Carnac predictions:

A. Supervisor.
Q. What does Clark Kent wear to keep the sun out of his eyes?

A. Crabgrass.
Q. What do crabs get high on?

A. Shake-N-Bake.
Q. Describe a double feature with Earthquake and The Towering Inferno.

A. Flypaper
Q. What do you use to gift-wrap a zipper?

A. Deep Freeze.
Q. Name an Eskimo porno film.

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klangdon says:
Davis Love and Ernie Els, did we warp back to the 90s?
hogan72 says:
Ain't no "c" in Snedeker, but I like the way he plays! He's the longest shot on your list - I'll be pullin for him!
Snyper says:
Thanks for the heads up on the typo 72. Brandt got the perfect game for a sleeper pick!
hogan72 says:
Right on. I had Brandt in my 5 for the Masters. So close. He'll be around for a long time. Just for kicks, here are my 5 for the Open (we draft): Jimenez, Fisher, Allenby, McDowell, Jacobsen
mr_hungry says:
Big week for Ross Fisher. I can feel it.
PapaJoe says:
Didn't that good ol' boy Kenny Perry from Kentucky already proclaim his win at "The Open" by not showing up? Had he been there no doubt he would have won!!!
PapaJoe says:
"Oh yeah, Tiger, too!" Had he been there he would have won!

Let's see, who else who didn't show up would have won? There's just too many!!
Team Lexus says:
i always root for DL3. he's one of my favorite.
Kickntrue says:
Good call on Mickelson so far!
Snyper says:
ERNIE! An 80!!!?? What the heck happened to my boy today!?
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