Carnac's Last Stand!
By Snyper on 8/7/08
By Matt Snyder, oobgolf contributer

Before we get to the picks for this year's fourth and final major, let's take a quick look back to my British Open picks. Of the ten players that I picked, only one missed the cut (Snedecker). My winner shot 80 on the first day, but then played three solid rounds to end up finishing 7th. However, Davis Love III was my only other top twenty finisher. So, my winner played well and only one of my picks missed the cut, but most of the rest finished out of the top thirty. That brings me to my grade for the week being a C. I have improved with each major this year, but I am still looking for that illusive A! So here we go with my last shot!

10. Retief Goosen is still playing good golf. I picked him for this exact finish at the British and he disappointed me a little, but I still have faith!

9. Sean O'Hair is has some serious potential for major success. Though he doesn't necessarily go low a lot, he has the type of game that can manage solid rounds on the toughest of courses. Look for him to put out four solid rounds and squeak into the top ten.

8. Kenny Perry would love to shut the mouths of everyone who had slammed him for not playing in any of the other majors this year. What better way to do it than to play well this week. Look for Kenny to put together three good rounds and make some noise this week. I say he's going to be one good round from winning.

7. Briny Baird? Yep! That's right. He has shown some sparks of brilliance this season and would love to cap off the year with a respectable finish in this year's last major. This dark horse pick may just be enough to win you that pool at work!

6. Phil Mickelson may actually win this thing. I'm not the biggest Phil fan, but he has had a somewhat frustrating year. He seems to be playing well, but just can't get it done when he needs it. I think he's going to take out his frustrations on the Tigerless field this week.

5. K.J. Choi, because I have to. Boring, and I don't like him, but I have to pick him.

4. Ernie Els, my boy! Yep, I've got him in the top five again this week. He continues to hit it well and if his putter is anywhere close to decent this week, he's going to be on the leader board come Sunday.

3. Vijay Singh (see K.J. Choi)

2. Ian Poulter is a few fries short of a happy meal at times, but he has been hitting it too well to ignore lately. He can never seem to put himself in position to win, but with the run that he's on, he might just come close once again.

1. Jim Furyk is my pick to win the PGA Championship. I love this guy and I love his game. He hasn't done much this season, but a win this week would make the year a total success. With fifth, fourth, third, and second place finishes already to his credit this year, there seems only one place left for Jim and that's first place in the PGA.

Now, for those who will be leaving this week glad with a bad taste in their mouths, let's start with Sergio Garcia. After failing to win the British like half the world thought he was going to, I expect him to fall to pieces this week. Anthony Kim has had a great year, but this is not going to be a good week for him. I really hope I'm right about this, because I'm flat out tired of hearing his name! And lastly, Stewart Cink. He has played well enough this year to make a lot of people's picks for the top ten, but I don't see him possessing enough game to challenge this week. Sorry Stew!

Well, there you go! My last shot to turn in an A performance for the 2008 season. If I can't get it done this week, who knows if Carnac will make it back for the 2009 season, so the pressure is on!

And lastly, the year's final actual Carnac predictions:

A: Until he gets caught.
Q: How long does a Unites States Congressman serve?

A: Skalliwag
Q: What does your Skalli do when it's happy?

A: Sis Boom Bah
Q: Describe the sound that's made when a sheep explodes.

A: The Temple of Doom
Q: Describe a restroom that has run out of toilet paper.

A: Spam
Q: What's the sound of a pig hitting the bottom of an elevator shaft?

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hogan72 says:
Just read about Kenny Perry's scratched cornea:

This becoming the norm for the major winners this Year. Immelman was coming off surgery, Tiger with the knee and Harrington with the wrist.

So, is Perry our winner?
hogan72 says:
There's always next Year! Picking winners just isn't as easy as it used to be...
Kickntrue says:
Seriously, Don't quit your day job.
Snyper says:
Not a good showing at all. I'm just glad Garcia didn't win! That would've really hurt.
komega19 says:
The gallery at Oakland Hills was surprisingly (polite) to Sergio and Monty... I was surprised. Alas, I am glad SG didn't win.
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