Golf's Super Bowl?
By Snyper on 1/27/09
By Matt Snyder, oobgolf contributor

So, football has the Superbowl, Nascar has the Daytona 500, MLB has the World Series, and the NHL has the Stanley Cup. I am a major sports fan and I love golf. I want a Super Bowl for golf! Is that wrong? Look, I don't care about the Fed Ex Cup anymore than the next guy. Sure, I like the majors. But the majors do not excite me like one, big, winner-takes-all event!

Here's how I propose we fix golf's problem. At the end of the season, instead of some stupid want-to-be playoff system, we have a Super Bowl of Golf. One event with a huge purse comprised of all the money that is now being wasted on the Fed Ex Cup. The Super Bowl of golf will include only the top 20 players on the PGA Tour money list for the current season. There will also be four spots given to players outside the top 20. Those spots will be awarded based on fan voting. When golf fans attend any PGA Tour event, they will have a chance to cast a vote for any player in that event to attend the Super Bowl of Golf at the end of the season. The highest four vote getters to finish out of the top 20 still get to participate in the event.

There will be no cuts in this event, as all 24 players will play four rounds, Thursday through Sunday. The winner will earn a substantially larger amount of money than the second place finisher as well as his choice of tee times on the first two days of every non-major event that he attends in the next season. All players who qualify for and participate in the event will get paid. However, the purse will be substantially higher for the top ten finishers. I'm still working out the exact percentages!

If the PGA Tour follows my lead and organizes this event, it will be huge! Fans are begging for something to look forward to, that the top players will actually take seriously, at the end of the season . This is it! Give the players what they want. They want to play against the best, for a lot of money, and on a big stage. So advertise the heck out of it, get the fans involved, and put up some cash. Problem solved! Maybe some of these guys might even be motivated to play in a couple more events throughout the season! I'm getting excited about it already! You?

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onedollarwed says:

I love to golf, but have a really hard time watching it on the tube, or even following the standings.
I really like it live - went to Pebble Beach ProAm once and now attend the local CVS charity classic regularly here in RI.

Ryder Cup is the best on TV.

Golf really needs a bowl system (kidding)?

Before the "Shooter Bowl" kids could compete at Punting a putter, "Passing" a 7-iron at their bag (firmly), and Kicking themselves in the @$$ for trying to hit it through the trees!
possingk says:
Why not a real play off system that is match play, #1 vs #24 and so on, this would still be four rounds with the final three in the playing an 18 holes of stroke play for all the marbles. This would make for upsets, memorable matches, and a true playoff format. That final round on Sunday would be more pressure packed than the majors because of the distribution of the final purse. The advertising potential for this type of playoff would also be huge. Just a thought all and all I really like the idea.

I might be in the minority but I really think match play is more exciting to watch on TV because it brings in more strategy and players seem to take more risks when the know if they hit the water twice they only lose one hole not three strokes.
pikapp23 says:
I think I would rather see a final tournament (aka Superbowl) that starts with a large field (maybe something with as many as 100 based on money list or a new points system), then there would be a cut after each round, reducing field by 1/2 (second round would be 50; third round 24; final round 10 or something like this based on starting number). Ties would be broken so that a specific number would move on (like qualifying for US Open). The entire event would be stroke play, with scores resetting after each round (I think the LPGA does a tournament this way).

I like this idea because it's like a real playoff system - if you do not play well, you go home. The starting field could be much smaller and thus subsequent rounds would also be smaller fields, possibly getting final round field down to even 2 or 4 players and in this case maybe even a match play final round.
ayparekh says:
I believe the Ryder Cup can be the "Superbowl" of Golf. Make it USA v/s The World, Increase the players on each side, Give out the biggest trophy golf has ever seen, advertise it tremendously on TV/Radio, have viewer contests during live matches (to get the fans involved). The players are already pumped up for tournament. Instead of making it about "the money", lets play for "the victory" (just like the Stanley Cup, World series or Superbowl)
Snyper says:
I don't like the idea of messing with the Ryder Cup. It's already awesome, let's not change it and risk ruining it. I also don't like cutting people. You eliminate the chance of the come-back victory that is so much fun to watch happen over the course of a couple rounds.
Kiwidave says:
Look I live in NZ so basically I don't really care about any event bar the 2 nationwide ones in my country I can go and see. It's as boring as hell on tv to watch and the golfers seem so far out of reality now that its not funny. I don't think they'll be playing this much $$$ in a few years.
By the way, I wish they sold some half decent cigars in this tiny country.
fwfair says:
falcon50driver says:
Just one time, just to see how it would work, I'd like to see a round robin elimination, like they do in drag racing. Two cars race each other for a quarter mile and the loser goes home. You win, you come back for the next round. A sixty four car field is reduce to 32 cars after the first round. It takes five rounds to come down to 2 cars. You have to win 6 times in a row to get all the marbles. In the first round the #1 Qualifier races the #33 qualifier,#2 races #34 and so on.
dampfire says:
They could try a match play - world cup style kinda format. 4 players from each country. You could run it exactly like the world cup does it...(soccer)
Frankie C says:
The US Open dwarfs everything else.

Frankie C
tkswim says:
I really like the idea!!!
cspargolf says:
Golf's answer to the 50 yd field goal with time running out!!
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