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By Kickntrue on 4/15/08
By Matt Snyder, oobgolf contributer

Just picture yourself on a clear spring evening, sitting on your back porch with your best friends burnin' off one of the finest cigars in your humidor and shootin' the bull. That's what we're about here in Matt Snyder's "Cigar Lounge". I love conversation, cigars, and golf! So you can expect to see all sorts of topics discussed here in the lounge; some golf, some cigars, some having to do with neither! So come join us and tell us how you feel about the todays topics!

Tell me what you think about...
  • Golf's Super Bowl
  • Putt for Dough
  • Call me Ace!
  • Cigar Smoking is Healthy!
  • Ready To Fix Your Swing??
  • Scramble Tournaments
  • League Golfers!
  • Cigars and Golf

    My latest reactions....
  • A Cigar Smoker's Friend
  • Tiger Woods Key to Ryder Cup Win!
  • Carnac and The British
  • No More Tiger. Happy or Sad?
  • Carnac, U.S. Open Style!
  • Lorena Enough-a
  • Spring Cigars!
  • Carnac, Masters Version
  • Tiger, you disgust me!

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    PapaJoe says:
    Why doesn't anyone comment? Cigar smoking may not be the healtiest of habits, but it certainly beats a lot of other addictions. I'm always ready to fix my swing! Scramble tournaments? Aptly named! League Golfers? Bless their heart and soul for their love of golf! Cigars and Golf? Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! What a combination!

    No more Tiger, Happy or Sad? I've said enough. Check that one out! Carnac, U.S. Open Style? Haven't got to that one yet. Lorena, enough? Yeap, there's always enough of Lorena to go around! Spring Cigars? Love the Hondurans and Nicaraguans in the spring! Carnac, Masters Version? Sorry, I'll have to find that one. Tiger, You Disgust Me! ME TOO!!!

    Any more comments wanted?
    JWHpurist says:
    PapaJoe has a sense of humor but I think he consumes to much "Bombay Sapphire" while he writes his comments and smokes his cigars. Nothing beats the taste & pleasure of a fine cigar. Perhaps he might like to come by and "Arm Wrestle" me for $100 prior to a round of golf and explain why Palmer & Nicklus hold Woods in high regard. JWHpurist
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