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Snobs and Poseurs
By windowsurfer on 5/10/11
Mitchell "windowsurfer" Toews knows how we really are as golfers. Enjoy and feel free to leave the results of your T/F in the comments! Also, Mitchell wanted to say, "GO CANUCKS!"

We golfers are, uh, brand conscious, to say the absolute least. Why else would the market be fragmented the way it is with (lots and lots of) major brands; box store “white labels” and clones; numerous, distinct and well-followed niche groups (long drive, club maker, Japan brands, etc.); a thriving used market (with an GNP 4X that of France); a “black market” of non-conforming clubs and balls; an endless array of weirdly arcane manufacturers (reminiscent of stupid Flanders “Leftorium”) making items like wedge-topped corkscrews or forged beryllium cigar holders; a sub-culture of online forums, each with its own market, where we pitiful addicts spend time in a surrogate virtual world, then sign our posts with a golf-esque nom de plume and a list of our (current) bag of cleeks and mashies, each with its respective brand logo proudly displayed? Why is certain brand of putter worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars when an entire Phoenix golf course sells at 1/10th of its asking price of just a few years ago? Why? Because it can. Because we will pay. Both attention and money.

So, in the interests of self-cleansing, feel welcome to off-load your burden. Answer honestly, seek atonement, release the clubhead of brand obsession lads. Be the ball:

T or F?
- can't sleep because one of your $125 set of hand knit, monogrammed Scottish headcovers is for a 3W (has three stripes) and you are actually playing a 4W? (oh . . . the insanity!)
- you have been on your oobgolf My Equipment page already today? (tweaking)
- you can name 5 driver shafts you have owned? 10? 15??
- you know the clubs and specs for your wife’s set? You bought them for her? Without consulting her?
- you buy a certain brand of something (car, wine, coffee, motor oil, escort service) because your favorite PGA pro has endorsed it? It is a brand you would not have bought without the endorsement (but that’s your little secret?)
- you have a pair of Arnold Palmer slippers? Matching PJs?

This was written by Mitchell Toews, a reader/follower/fellow oober and the opinions are 100% his and do not necessarily reflect those of oobgolf in anyway. Enjoy! I'm sure he's ready for your feedback.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Thanks for the chuckles. Unfortunately, I am not all that brand conscious.
*Head covers - actually one is a hand sewn cover made from my grand daughter's old soccer sock and has a "B" on it for "Brian"
*Been to the Oob equipment page once in the past year (to add the $12.50 hybrid I purchased)
*Don't know the name of driver shafts, not even the curren one. I call it "Bob".
*Wife's set??
*Endorsed products? Nope
*A.P. slippers? Sadly, no. But my pj "pants" have little golfers on it - does that count?
Backquak says:
I am such a poseur, I will try harder to be more brand conscious from now on. I'm tying to think of an endorsement of non-golf equipment, besides the Tiger-Buick thing I can't come up with any other, I'm sure they're out there and as soon as everyone chimes in, I'll go "Yeah, I remember that" but I'm drawing a blank
bkuehn1952 says:
A.P. and Pennzoil!
Kurt the Knife says:
Mizuno irons cuz they felt the best of all 13 i tried at Haggin Oaks.

I am largely devoid of intentional brand consciousness. I try stuff n like it or not.
I tried Fuzzy's vodka once at the champion's skins cuz he was a sponsor. Didn't taste any differnt than smirnoff (uuk).
'Til the day I die I will contend that Santa Ynez valley Pinots are superior to Carneros.
Snob ass.
bobhooe says:
i do like to have matching clubs (titleist) I use proV1's, and a scotty putter. I feel if I make a bad shot the only one to blame is myself. Feels good to look the business as well. However I will drink a Natty lite followed by a Bud followed by a Siera Nevada and I dont give a rats A. Golf is funny i guess.
legitimatebeef says:
I am a different kind of poseur. I don't get much joy out from equipment; I use six year old Titleist irons and Nike driver, 3 wood and wedges. Why Nike? Because it is probably the cheapest tour quality stuff out there. Balls too. All my shafts are stock and the putter shaft is slightly bent. I put the lead tape on the irons to make them look generic and unappealing.

But I try to hit every shot just right, and also because i play every putt to hole it whether it's from all the way across the green or a 2 incher and that is what makes me a kind of poseur in this world. Yea I know that getting the ball in the hole is only the primary objective of the game, but its just that most so-called golfers I meet have to make some kind of remark about this silly and dogged refusal to give myself putts around the hole. So the last few muni rounds I've played I've felt like a poseur-- everyone else so casual about their crappy shots and not too concerned about holing putts that it made me the odd man out.
wrhall02 says:
All F's to the above...but I have my golf vices and would never judge a fellow golfer's quirks. I spend about 30% of my income on golf...playing golf in Mexico is stupid expensive. I had to give up several other things due to budget, but could never quit golfing.
billbadaz says:
false for me as well, I use all Taylormade b/c my buddy is a sales rep and I get great deals on the clubs, shoes, accessories etc. Does not hurt that they make the best drivers...
dartboss04 says:
constantly tweaking the equipment page and sad thing is i do have two hand knit headcovers from england...i got to pick the yarn colors of the end puff and everything...

no arnie slippers yet though...
stedar says:
hmmm a bit close to home ;-)
My Wifes set hasn't even been used, but I got it just in case she would like to take up the game.
Didn't get to the equipment page yet, usually read the blogs first, then go.
Brands do influence me, more so because I'd like to own, not because I can afford to own.
Not sure about the slippers and PJ's. Prefer barefoot and naked, saves money on escorts :-)
birdieXris says:
Hahaha great article. I'm not so brand conscious either. I just know what works for me and i stay with it. Believe me, if i could at all find something that works as well as what i have and costs me less, i'll play it --- and the search continues.

Guilty of only one of those things. I keep my equipment page current just because i'm a little OCD with that kinda stuff. haven't been on it today though. haha.

And i never do something because someone else does it. TRY something? Yes. Afterall, if it worked for someone else it may work for me (this goes further than golf) but if it doesn't work, you won't find me doing it "just because so and so does it"
Matt F says:
All false here. I use it if it works for me, otherwise it won't get a second look.
8thehardway says:
Pretentious, moi?
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