"Guy Movie" Golf Buddy Trips
By Kickntrue on 8/10/10
Last week I asked for oobers to send in blog posts. "Fat Guy" didn't write an article- but linked me to his blog that has a pretty cool feature; cool enough that I felt it warranted a link (plus all PSU and Steeler fans get love).

He's cleverly taken about 20 "Guy Movies" and planned golf trips/weekends around the locations and happenings of the movies. For instance- you can do the Bull Durham weekend that involves a trip to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, to see the real life Durham Bulls minor league baseball team. Fat Guy also includes daily itinerary for the golf courses you should play daily. The Durham Bulls weekend steers you to landmarks from the movie including batting cages and to Beef Burger, the restaurant where the movie Bulls stopped during their 12-day road trip, in Greensboro, NC. Fat Guy also gives you movie facts and tidbits along the way, which is pretty cool. To reiterate... this is all wrapped around the golf courses you must play when in the area.

Other "Guy Movie" weekends Fat Guy lays out included The Hangover, Tin Cup, Swingers, Hoosiers and Fight Club and many more.

Check out this feature as well as the full Fat Guy Golf blog!

Fat Guy Golf Blog - Movie Buddy Trips

photo source- fatguygolf.net

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birdieXris says:
Kinda cool. Some of those might actually be worth doing. :)
Banker85 says:
man that guy really goes all out!
Dixon Golf says:
That's a great idea. The Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa would be another great spot.
FatGuyGolf says:
I like the Field Of Dreams idea, I'll look into coming up with a golf weekend for that one. Thanks!
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