Golf: It's more than just a game
By parlady83 on 10/11/12
Alexandra "parlady83" Lunde recently fell in love with golf again. She is no stranger to the game, however, she just recently decided to commit herself to become a "good" golfer so she started a blog to document her experiences on the links. She submitted her first post to oob as a guest column and we're publishing it for your reading pleasure. And yes, she is my sister so I will delete all inappropriate comments in a heartbeat! Enjoy!

The title of my new blog "Golf: It's more than just a game" is also the title of my first post, which is appropriate because the purpose of my blog is to document my golf experience ("Getting Good at Golf" made the top 2 for potential blog titles).

I have played golf as sporadically as humanly possible. From the ages of 10-12 I took lessons with my younger brother mustang6560. The next time I played was probably five years ago and since then have "hit the links" occasionally with no sense of discipline or strong desire to invest the time, energy or money necessary for improving. Well the times are changin' and I feel compelled to give this sport "the old college try."

So what do you need to know (so much)? But let's first examine the factors of why learn golf now (in order of importance).
  1. It is a way to connect with my brothers. Both of my brothers over the past several years have committed to the game and become quite good. I love watching them play (especially now that the club-throwing-out-of-frustration-phase has subsided...for the most part). They are graceful and GOOD! Golf has become a family holiday tradition (see Nathan J. Trifone Invitational) and something that seems to happen at almost every family get-together these days. Even my mom, who started us on this crazy journey, has committed!

  2. I need a hobby/new sport to play. I love playing sports. I grew up playing soccer — but at my ripe old age of 29 — it is rather difficult to find 22 people that want to all get together all at the same time to play a 90 minute game. Golf is something I can do by myself — or with 1-3 other people.

  3. It can be a benefit to my career. My industry (insurance) still plays a lot of golf and even though I am a woman on the golf course (more to come on that later on my blog) — I think with some refining and practice I could be a top draft for any "work function" scramble.

  4. I have new clubs. For my birthday my loving husband bought me my very own set of clubs (TaylorMade RocketBallz). Knowing the bare minimum about golf equipment — I am told these are "the hot new thing" or "the best on the market." I have never owned my own set of golf clubs. More specifically I have never even played with women's clubs. Growing up I shared with my brother — he had the evens and I had the odds (maybe that is why I love the 5 and 7 irons so much!), and over the past 5 years my husband Matt has been kind enough to share his clubs with me. So now, I get to hit with my very own clubs — AND they are specifically made for women.

  5. I think I have raw talent. I do not mean to come across any other way than just honest truth...but I think if I actually tried and practiced...I could be rather good!
The last reason isn't going to be rated. Rather, it is the reason "More than just a game" beat out "Getting good at golf" for prime real estate in the title section of this blog. I need an outlet. An outlet for stress, for "me time," for other reasons, and so on. Not to put too much pressure on the sport...but I am hoping to find a sense of peace on the golf course and use this learning as a theraputic experience. I am blogging about it because, well, why not. I think it might be an interesting read for golf fans, those learning to play or even those thinking about learning to play. And a small part of me is probably doing this for my brothers...because I know they have been secretly hoping I would start practicing for years. Now if only they would commit to one of my cross-stitching or party planning!

This was written by Alexandra Lunde, a reader/follower/fellow oober and the opinions are 100% hers and do not reflect those of oobgolf in anyway. Enjoy! I'm sure she's ready for your feedback. If you want to read more, check out her blog Golf: It's more than just a game.

Have an idea for a guest column? Send it here!

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jfurr says:
Good stuff, looking forward to following the updates.
Virtuaframax says:
"... I am hoping to find a sense of peace on the golf course and use this learning as a theraputic experience..." not going to happen if you're really taking golf up seriously. Stress relief maybe if you're into the club throwing and banging on the ground... LoL
Joking aside, i wish you the best of luck in this new road you're taking towards golf! It's a bumpy road but it will be filled with great memories to share!
BigTazz53 says:
Good luck girl, look forward to reading about your adventures.
guzzlingil says:
good is a great game...
Torleif Sorenson says:
The Norwegian contingent of oobGolf also wishes you the best! If you feel more comfortable learning the game alongside other women (and perhaps doing some business networking), the Dallas chapter of the Executive Women's Golf Association could be a good resource for you:
legitimatebeef says:
Great idea for a blog, I'll be tuning in.

PS now that you are one of us, you can say that you "hit the links" without putting it quotations.
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