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By joe jones on 10/18/12
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Living in a senior community three things are almost certain. With increased age, illness and death, houses go on the market, used golf carts go on sale and garage sales are all over the community. In a community like ours that has nine golf courses, used golf equipment is a staple at those garage sales. A lot of bad stuff but some good.

As I drive around in my golf cart I usually stop if I see a garage sale or an estate sale sign. You never can tell when you might find a collectible that will sell on ebay or a club that is worth a try.

Last week I stopped at a house that had 20 or 30 golf bags full of used clubs. Nirvana for a golf nut like me. Amongst a wide collection of some junk, some collectibles and some modern equipment, I found two that got my attention. A Snake Eyes Driver (400cc) 47" long with a senior flex shaft and a 65 degree wedge that for some reason intrigued me. I bought both. The only thing I had to do was have them re-gripped with over-sized grips.

I have practiced and played with them for about a week I am both happy and disappointed. The driver turned out to be a real find. For some reason I have gained about 20 yards on my drives and I am hitting consistent straight drives with a slight fade. This has always been my preferred ball flight. I have been losing distance at an alarming rate for the last several years so any gain is wonderful. I don't know if the club is the reason or that I feel more confident. I seem to be swinging more freely which allows me to complete my back swing and follow through.

The disappointment is the wedge. I bought it to see if I could hit a flop shot. I have never been able to hit that damn shot so why I thought the club would change that is beyond me. I have hit bucket upon bucket of balls trying to learn that shot over the years to no avail. Something about my chip and run mind set just will not allow me to execute. I'll save it for my next garage sale. Should be able to make a profit. There are other guys like me out there that also can't hit the shot.

Now the pleasant thing about this experience. When I asked the guy how much he wanted for the clubs he said "two dollars".

I said for what clubs in his collection. He indicated any club he had on display. I couldn't believe it. Just to satisfy my curiosity I asked where he got his clubs and he said his father brought them to him. Now this guy was in his 60s so his father must be in his 90s. I was very doubtful but that didn't stop me from buying the clubs (total cost: $2 per club + $6 re-gripping = $8 each).

I have told all of my friends about this guys location and several have bought clubs from him. My only reason to sharing this information with others is to prove that I was not lying. Telling tall tales and boasting about your great wisdom seems to grow as one gets older. With the senior crowd phrases like "I used to hit the ball 300 yards" and "I used to be a great putter" are harmless and unprovable brags but the one that bothers me is the guy who used to play off a 2 handicap and now he plays to a 25 index.

I will continue to play the new (old) driver as long as it is faithful to me but as soon as I find the club not doing what I want it to do I will fall back on my TaylorMade Burner.

The one rule that never seems to change: "Blame it on the equipment. It can't possibly be my fault".

This was written by Joseph Jones, a reader/follower/fellow oober and the opinions are 100% his and do not reflect those of oobgolf in anyway. Enjoy! I'm sure he's ready for your feedback.

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Torleif Sorenson says:
Great story! I remember reading about Vince Furnier (a.k.a. the rock star Alice Cooper), who would go to garage sales in the Phoenix area, see an old set of Wilson Staff blades and think, "man, I've gotta have those."

As for blaming it on the equipment, it's true. I took my Hogan Edge 6-iron into a simulator, where the ball-speed was low and I was (as usual) spraying it all over the place. I then hit a Mizuno MP-63 6-iron about 13 times, and only foozled two shots. The shot dispersal was within 11 yards in length and about 9 yards left-to-right.

Dear Santa Claus: For Christmas, I've love a set of Mizuno MP-63 irons. Thanks...

- Tor
mjaber says:
I shop used all the time. Usually, it's at the local 2nd hand sporting goods store, but I've found deals on eBay and Craigslist, too. Even the "bargain bins" at small golf shops can be interesting.

A couple other great spots are consignment shops and pawn shops. You never know what you might find.
joe jones says:
I still can't believe I payed only $2 per club. Not complaining. Just curious about whether he has a bunch of thieves scouring The Valley of the Sun. If it's his father he must be in fantastic shape.
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