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Introducing: Know The Game
By KorryFranke on 5/10/07
Know The Game- is a new feature to oobgolf.com where you will be able to ask us questions you have about golf. Korry Franke- a new addition to the oobgolf staff will handle your questions. Email your questions to Korry at korry@oobgolf.com

My friends, if there's one thing in this world that I despise; if there's one thing that just leaves me feeling completely unfulfilled; if there's one thing out there that just makes me want to run to wikipedia as fast as humanly possible only to find information that may or may not be accurate, it's not knowing the answer to a burning question. And this thirst for knowledge only intensifies when it involves our beloved game of golf! I mean, lets face it, none of us know everything, but we HATE to let our friends (not to mention our golfing buddies) find out that we, of all people, lack some kind of knowledge about the game, regardless of how trivial it may be.

Normally these little questions come up when we least expect it. There you are, placing the flag stick back into the cup of your local club's difficult 17th hole when one of your friends says, "You know guys, as much as we say this hole is tough, it must be unbelievably tough to play number 17 at the TPC at Sawgrass, don't you agree?" Suddenly, terror strikes right at the heart of you. Should you know why the TPC at Sawgrass number 17 is so tough? And what the heck does TPC stand for anyhow? The last thing you want is to let your friends know that you, the guy who knows just about everything, lacks the knowledge of some basic question. I mean this could do way more than just add a little tarnish to your reputation... this could even cost you a beer! Your mind keeps saying, "Just nod and smile. We'll get through this. Change the subject."

Well friends, oobgolf is not about changing the subject! oobgolf is about knowing what's so special about number 17. It's about knowing what the heck a TPC is and why they're different from other courses. It's about knowing why a ball slices in the first place. It's about knowing what type of grasses lines the fairways or greens of your favorite club. It's about knowing why they call holes 11, 12, and 13 at Augusta National "Amen Corner." oobgolf exists to help golfers become better golfers. And part of being a better golfer involves knowing the answers to those pesky questions that come up during a round or at the beloved 19th hole where the stakes are really high! And we at oobgolf plan on filling that void.

So today, we unveil yet another exciting facet to the world of oobgolf with the introduction of my biweekly series, "Know The Game". This is your chance to get quality answers to your burning questions. The concept is simple: You ask; We answer. When you're out with your friends or sitting at home and you think of a question that you don't know the answer to, just email me the question at korry@oobgolf.com. Every two weeks, I'll answer at least one (or more if possible) of your questions. Now, I'm not your local golf pro, so don't expect too many technical answers on how to fix your swing or make you read a green like Tiger Woods. If I knew those things, I wouldn't be writing this column! But if you want to know some of the finer points of the game, some of its history or trivia, I'll find the answer and share it with you and all the other oobgolfers out there.

Email Korry your questions at korry@oobgolf.com.

Korry Franke is a Boeing 757 and 767 pilot for Continental Airlines where he flies out of Newark, NJ to destinations across the US and around the globe. He lives in Bethlehem, PA where he spends most of his time on days off at the driving range or out on the golf course giving his game the practice it so desperately needs.

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falcon50driver says:
Were you caught up in that blizzard that shut the airlines down back on March 16th?
KorryFranke says:
Not so much on the 16th...my flight got canceled. But the blizzard on Valentine's Day...well, that's another story! Hopefully you weren't stuck in that mess either.
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