Best Golf Music Since... For-Ev-Err
By Kickntrue on 3/28/08
Sometimes "best ever" wins by default. Because I don't know any golf specific music except The Golf Boy and his cd "The World's Funniest Golf Songs" he is the best. But man.. is it bad. I wanted it to play on our site upon login- but Kevin wouldn't let me. If you want to hear a sample this cd is actually on iTunes. (BuyHere)

Track List (Yes, they are all parodies)
1. Golfin' USA
2. Golfin' On A Sunday
3. Help Me Find It
4. Mad To Be Mowin'
5. Addicted to Golf
6. A Bad Day At Golf
7. Born For The PGA
8. Big Bad Arnold
9. The Golfin' Pneumonia
10. Favorite Golf Things

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klangdon says:
read the comments on amazon, some guy bought it for background music for golf club. he wasn't too happy.
Kickntrue says:
Another contender!!!
mhauth says:
My personal favorite is "Jake Trout And The Flounders - I Love to Play"
Peter Jacobson & Payne Stewart what is not to like? Good old Jacobson is an Oregon boy! This CD is much better than the worlds funniest.
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