Can I get mine with chromed out twenty-twos?
Segway (Repost)
By Kickntrue on 8/4/07
Something reminded me of this post and I thought I'd repost it. I want one. Check it here.

These make a lot more sense than golf carts. When oobolf International opens up, we are definately doing these instead of carts. Think of the speed of play!

If you golf around Hilton Head you can try these out at Palmetto Dunes

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mbills1015 says:
that is fantastic!!! I saw Shaq had one on an episode of cribs. I would love to see my grandfather try and use one of them.
klangdon says:
Speed of play, better for the turf, and more fun for golfers. Assuming the pricing is not outragious these appear to be no brainers for courses looking to upgrade.
jimithen says:
I feel this is a much more efficient way to play with groups of people. Using your own Segway to get to your own ball. not to mention the wheelies you could pop with these things.
klangdon says:
Another benefit I just thought of is that it would be easier to find balls that stray into the trees.
falcon50driver says:
I wonder if you could get some hubcaps that continue to spin when the thing comes to a stop. Or maybe a tiny steering wheel made of chrome chain welded together, So that you could still drive it, even though you had handcuffs on.
volleyhart says:
that is pretty freakin' cool
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