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By Kickntrue on 9/6/07
Where do you find news and gifts for the golfing mom that has everything?! You must see this site I found called There is new and info for the female golfer as well as links to buy everything from golf-related kitchen appliances to wallpaper. A Funny side note- the founder is a male. (

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golfgirl says:
Of course the founder is a male. Males generally have free time on their hands, mom's generally don't. ;)
jroos says:
Kickntrue says:
Patricia- posting scores is pretty easy. Hopefully you'll find it that way ;).

Just click "enter score" and it should walk you through the process. If you need any more help than that- let me know.Tuesday
DeepRough says:
wow...lovely choice of colors they have in their navigation menu
golfnstyle says:
I agree it is a great website to visit. I ordered some golf shoes and they arrived quickly and are fabulous. Another item I ordered was a disaster. Scott Pierson, the founder, really gave me the run-around telling me he would send me some discount coupons and something free for the delay. Bottom line I never received anything.....not even the item I ordered. Too bad customer service is horrible with this company because I saw many things on the site that I would have ordered. If you see something you like I'd recommend trying to find it elsewhere - save yourself a huge headache!
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