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Odds Of Shooting Under Your Handicap
By Kickntrue on 9/7/07
Did you know for a 15 handicapper the odds of shooting a score 5 better than your handicap index is 1:174? If you were a 22 handicapper like me- you'd pull off this same feat once every 72 rounds (ah the joys of sucking at golf). Check out this cool odds table from the USGA. (FullTable)

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chipotle mg says:
ahh yess sucking at golf does have its benefits
mdearley says:
if an 11 handicapper shoots a 1 under par round and his differential is -.03 what is the odds of him shooting this round?
J Scerri says:
Hi all, can anyone please give me the odds of playing my last seven consecutive rounds with the following stableford scores (handicap in brackets) 38(22) 37(22) 41(22) 38(21) 37(21) 39(20) 36(19) Regards J.M.S.
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