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By Kickntrue on 9/7/07
My wife is a meeting planner and is constantly bombarded by meeting planning magazines. She brought one home for me the other day becasue a Tournease ad caught her eye. I checked it out- and must say, it's very cool. Tournease is a golf tournament planning site that makes planning an event easy. The best part- it's free! Think but for golf events.

Tournease makes their money from other companies being featured on their site as well as from things you'll need at your tournament. Tournease can help you with anything from hole-in-one insurance to getting banners and signs. I think it's an amazing resource for anyone planning one event a year or multiple events.

Check it out-

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pcourter says:
Try the new tournament planner from Golf Digest. It is totally free and has many more features. Very easy to use. The website is
seriousgolfer says:
Actually, GolfDigestPlanner makes you run ads. Most corporate golf tournaments would not want ads on their tournament website. Tournease is OK, but really not much more than a cute interface. Check out for serious tournament management or
pcourter says:
Ads pay for the GolfDigestPlanner site which is free to non-profits. Fundraising events watch every dollar and that is why they use our free website with online registration for players and sponsors. Try and use to promote your site.
GolfEventGuy says:
Both Tournease and GolfDigestPlanner provide a free 1968 Volkswagon Beetle when you need a 2004 Porsche Cabrera for your golf event. Bait and switch. You have to pay for common features! Upsell hell.

I stick with and because it's fully-featured with no constant (and annoying) upselling - and it's really free.
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