Tiger Dominates
By Kickntrue on 9/10/07
I feel like every Monday I have the same link. Tiger wins and does something nobody has done before... but what am I supposed to do? Yesterday's final round was simply amazing. (SixtyWins)(FedExStandings)(RichGetRicher)

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volleyhart says:
That was impressive round.
cschrader says:
Yes, Tiger is the best at the game. Is he the best representative of the game? If I said "G** D*** it" in my group, I'd be embarrassed and, probably, have to call it a day. If I acted out by flinging clubs and similar, my actions would be frowned upon. Does being so very good give special privleges? If you think so, then remember that the next time you confront somebody in (relative) authority or seniority and don't like what they say or do. Suck it up, bucko. For me, I'm for silent and smiling Stricker who seems to be able to carry on a conversation with his playing partners. Steve is the best...overall.
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