No Practicing On Greens
By Kickntrue on 9/10/07
There will be no practicing on the greens at East Lake in Atlanta this week. The greens are in bad shape and will need every bit of strength to hold up this weekend for the Tour Championship. A small, but interesting development. (FullStory)

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LexMacar says:
WOw! thats intense.
volleyhart says:
No kidding ... and, just for the record, I really hate it when I've got $10 million coming to me in deferred compensation.
Kickntrue says:
Yah- what the heck is up with all that complaining. Oh Whah! I don't get paid until later.

Also- its kind of overlooked as $10M deferred which isn't really the case. $10M is being put in NOW and will grow interest. By the time the winner actually pulls this money out- it could be $40M.
klangdon says:
On top of that, I think it grows interest tax-free. As far as I understand it the PGA is basically providing a tax workaround for the players with the only issue being they can't touch it until retirement.

The payouts are pretty insane also considering that to get the 10 million prize you probably have to win 1 if not 2 of the individual 7 million prizes. If its Tiger or Phil, they walk away with 24 million and only 3 weeks of work, not bad.
LexMacar says:
Its so crazy to be a tour player the purses keep on growing. also i wish i had tax free retirement differed monies in the excess of 10mill. shit i would settle for a fraction of that money.
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