TaylorMade Online Fitting System
By Kickntrue on 9/12/07
TaylorMade golf launched a new online club fitting system this week. You enter some data about your current clubs as well as some swing characteristics and it tells you what kind of TaylorMade club will make you better. Sounds too easy... so I checked it out and what do you know? I need a new TaylorMade Burner (9.5 degree, S AK Superfast 50 shaft. Pretty cool. (TryIt)

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volleyhart says:
Interesting ... that's what is recommended for me as well. You know, my birthday's coming up, why don't you buy it for me and I'll test it out, let you know how it is.
Josh says:
Burner for me too... what the deuce!
imducati says:
I keep getting the superquad... What inputs did you put to get the burner?
Kickntrue says:
to get burner- i think you have to suck real good- but have good swing speed.
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