Learn About Ben Hogan
By Kickntrue on 9/13/07
Sometimes we mention old-time great golfers and their records, but speaking for myself- I don't really know anything about them beyond a number. I decided to enrich my life learning about Ben Hogan. Since I made the effort- you should too. You'll sound awesome when you tell someone that "The Wee Ice Man" was one of the greatest ever. (BenHogan)

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duecebomb says:
If you want to learn about Ben Hogan read the book titled Ben Hogan by Curt Sampson. DO IT
falcon50driver says:
An interesting fact about Ben Hogan is that in all the great feats he has accomplished, he never had a Hole in One. Probably the only professional golfer that never got one.
Kickntrue says:
Great fact- M2D. Actually makes me feel better about my game.
mcctee says:
Hogan was the greatest and his legacy can be seen in the 3 DVD set at BenHoganCollection.com
It is a great story and the DVD set is loaded with intense instructional content.
deven66666666666666666666 says:
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