WARNING- Don't Try This At Home
By Kickntrue on 9/17/07
Since golf news is now going to be dramatically reduced youm may be seeing more stuff like this. I'll keep it to a minimum. Do not click to watch this video if you are squeamish or think stupid golf pranks are not fit to be seen. You have been forewarned- if you click you will see something awful(ly amazing).

Driving Range Human Target Practice - Watch more free videos

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Josh says:
Since I'm moving to the DC area I will of course be spending some time trying to convince Andrew to do this. If I manage to catch him, the video camera will definitely be rolling.
volleyhart says:
I will PAY for that video ...
volleyhart says:
Seriously, who would be that stupid ...
Kickntrue says:
The flaw to this plan of course, is that we'd never actually capture the moment. As long as I was far enough away from Josh to not get hit with his follow-through he'd never be able to hit me. It'd be more trouble than it's worth to have to adjust for his slice from 10 feet away.
sperry says:
Wow, that reminds me of a few boring nights in college with a lot of beer and a spring loaded BB gun from wal mart. Just because the BB's were plastic, doesn't mean they don't hurt point blank on the teeth...
TaylorFade says:
That is the 3rd dumbest thing I have ever seen. I have been hit (twice) and it doesn't tickle- and I wasn't wearing goalie gear.
LexMacar says:
LOL what idiots! still pretty funny though. Taylor Fade see these kids are pussys you didnt have no hockey gear when you were hit. they are a bunch of jokes.
falcon50driver says:
Looks like something dribbled out of the shallow end of the gene pool.
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