Pro Golf Drug Testing
By Kickntrue on 9/20/07
The big news today is that the PGA Tour, European Tour, US Golf Association, Royal & Ancient, Augsuta National Golf Club, the PGA of America and the LPGA joined forces in announcing a drug testing policy that will go into effect for 2008. (FullStory)

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LexMacar says:
Golf should form a union like the baseball union. . . i dont see any reason to do drug testing for males. i think for females it should be banned. i dont want to see this kind of girl hitting the golf balls on the Ladies Pro Tour.
Kickntrue says:
Nice pic! The reason it will never work though- the players aren't even employees- they are contractors. Though to form a union of contractors, right? The PGA can set whatever rules they want- and the players choose to play if they want.
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