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Golf Girl TV- Episode II
By Kickntrue on 10/5/07
GolfGirlTV has launched and has two episodes under its belt. Episode II, titled, "My Favorite Threesome" just hit the net last night. Before you go rushing to click- you should know... it's not quite what you think. Ah- like you haven't already clicked. Oh well.

So far- I think the episodes are missing the mark of what people want to see from Patricia but she's having fun making them and she is just getting started. I'm sure they will get better as time goes on. Patricia, if you want some feedback I'm sure the oobgolf commenters would love to help you out!


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golfgirl says:
Oh totally! Give me feedback please...I want to hit the mark of what people want. So yes, let me know.

And the technical quality will surely improve as I upgrade my equipment and get more familiar with the process. So please let me know what you would like to see...story ideas, etc.

I would be much obliged.
LexMacar says:
Not bad quality i know it will improve over time.
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