Jacqueline Gagne a fraud.
You're So Busted
By Kickntrue on 10/11/07
Jacqueline Gagne claims to have hit 16 hole-in-ones in a 6 month period. We posted about her amazing feat months ago- but GolfDigest writer Dave Kindred couldn't let it go. And this is where it gets awesome. Kindred started doing some research and found no actual eyewitnesses to any of the balls going in the hole. You MUST read this article!! (FullStory)

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volleyhart says:
Liar Liar Knickers On Fire.
falcon50driver says:
Cut and paste from USA TODAY article:
Mancil Davis, who played briefly on the PGA and Canadian tours, has 50, the most for any professional golfer.
"No. 1, I aim at the hole," says Davis, from the Woodlands, Texas.
It's often reported that Ben Hogan never had a hole in one. Davis, who met Hogan, said Hogan had two aces and quoted him as saying, "I would have made more if I'd aimed at the flag, but I rarely did so."

I apologize for being one of the people to repeat the "fact" that Ben Hogan never had a hole in one...m2d
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