Could Tiger Compete With Equipment Of Yesteryear?
By klangdon on 7/27/09
Can of worms... meet can opener.

Here is a story I found from a writer who happens to be an avid golfer (not a golf writer). Recently he discovered the joys of playing with old equipment and made the statement that many don't think Tiger and today's guys could compete with the old gear.

I know we have people around these parts like the old time equipment. We have Tiger lovers and Tiger haters. This is really more of a question in general of course, but adding Tiger's name seems to add fuel to the fire, and well, I don't know many males who don't like a bigger fire.

Debate. Enjoy. Play nice.


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activesense says:
I think with old equipment they would still be the best players in the world. Talent and ability is still a major factor in being a great golfer. They wouldn't be going around a course in 10 under and driving 300+ yards. I am going out on a limb and saying that after adapting to the old equipment, Tiger would still beat anyone from back in the day, purely because of the mental and physical condition he is in. BUT we will never know, just like Ali vs Tyson in the boxing ring?
mjaber says:
I think the pro's would be able to adjust their game to suit the old clubs, just as they will with the new groove standard. I don't know if they would be able to shoot the low numbers they do now, in some cases, though.
ibashdaily says:
Since new technologies have come out, courses have gotten longer and much more difficult to compensate. If Tiger had grown up , all things being equal, with the equipment of yesteryear, then he would absolutely dominate just as he does now.
TWUES17 says:
Tiger could play with a paperclip fastened to a toothpick and still beat 99% of the people on this site. Me included of course.
free816 says:
lets stop being ignorant, or trying to start debates that are silly. give tiger a club and ball from the 1500's he still wins all the time. here is the difference between tiger and the avg. tour player, standing over a 8footer to win, we all know tiger makes it, the avg tour player wants to make it. euipment doesnt change those facts
kidputter says:
Tiger has developed his game around the equipment available. Given older (vintage) equipment, I believe it would take him a little time to get used to them. After that, it's Tiger as usual.
Lerxst says:
Yes he could - even if he was competing with the same ball of the time however, he could not compete with the racisim of the time if it were then. He is the "Great" of our time like Hogan, Snead, Jones, etc... Great ball strikers are just that, and they have the talent that is a gift. Tiger may also have a difficult time playing in the "Gentlemens game" as his fire for competition might put him in awkward situations - if in the culture of that time. If we were to not include the culture or rollback of time, he would still be one of the best. I may not be a big Tiger fan, but I do realize that in my generation there will most likely be no better than him.
eggdog17 says:
tiger would adapt. i don't think he would beat hogan, snead, palmer etc if they had today's equipment. they would be difficult to beat since they had the same mental fortitude tiger has. it would be awesome to see.
ToddRobb says:
I agree with free816, anyone with any amount of common sense knows that Tiger would be able to adapt to whatever. This is not a debate, there is no reasonable logic to suggest that he couldn't play with old equipment if that's what was available. Anyone that has been paying half assed attention for the last 12 years knows that what makes Tiger Tiger is not his equipment. At the end of the day, why Tiger wins so much is his putting, when his putter is hot, he wins,,, period. The technology of the putters hasn't improved anywhere near as much as the rest of the clubs, they have made some radical designs, but you could certainly play a round today with a putter from 50 years ago. So to answer this stupid question, Yes Tiger could compete with equipment from yesteryear.
jrbizzle says:
A no-brainer. The best golfer of every era would adapt and play well with any equipment/course standards - as long as the field had the same setup. Tiger, Faldo, Watson, Nicklaus, Palmer, Snead, Hogan, Nelson, etc. All these guys were great golfers because they had an understanding and harmony with "their" swing. They had a natural ability to feel the clubhead position at all points and make adjustments on how they were hitting the ball that day/week/month. That and they had great vision, imagination and feel on the course that allowed them to play the mental side as well as the physical.
lazorbeam says:
I don't think he would be as good, for one thing after a few holes of him smashing clubs into the ground and beating up his bag with them, those clubs are much more fragile and bound to break. But then again he'd probably kick everyones butt with what he had left over from his temper tantrum.
ayparekh says:
No questions he would adapt to the vintage technology but to take the subject away from Tiger for a moment....Can you imagine how much Sergio would complain if he had to play with this equipment?
DurhamO says:
It seems fairly obvious to all that Tiger would still be competitive if he were using the equipment of yesteryear. I think the better question is, "Could *you* play golf with the older equipment?" If you ever get a chance, play 9 or 18 with your father's or grandfather's persimmon woods and butter-knife blades. Without the forgiveness of today's equipment, the game is *that* much more frustrating (really). When you hit a solid shot with one of those really old irons, the satisfaction is incredible, but getting to that point is a long, hard journey.
Shooter McGavin says:
If all current golfers were using older equipment, I think Tiger would win 90% of tourneys he entered. The only reason his victory clip isn't much higher is because today's technology is so forgiving.
KVSmith59 says:
it would be fun to equip 5 or 10 pros with equipment from the turn of the century, and have them play a one day tournament. I'd be interested in the numbers they shot verses who won.

It would also be fun to watch today's pro's play on a 1960's vintage golf course (not one built then, but one in the same condition as the courses played back then). Maybe it's me, but when I watch old clips of the golf back then, the greens looked (and the balls ran) like the fairways we have today.....
linksoul says:
I think he would not only be able to play them, he would win MORE. Yup, I said it. I have recently returned to persimmons and i will never play metal again. Why? Because the feel is better, the flight is better, and when things go wrong, they don't go horribly wrong. The oversized metal drivers are a cartoonish scam. I have been playing better golf than i ever thought possible because the results are more consistent than playing with a loaded gun (that most don't even know how to handle). The PGA should adopt baseball's policy of using wood if you are a pro.
jrbizzle says:
There was an article in Golf Digest or Golf Magazine about a group of old golf teammates that get together once a year for a weekend of golf. They all kept their original equipment from their days as a team and one round is played with the old sticks. Sounds like a cool idea. I gave away my old Wilson blades years ago to a friend who wanted to try the game. Up to 2 years ago, I still had a persimmon 4 wood in my bag, that was my go to club from 190-200 yards.
pinPounder says:
Tiger uses his clubs in ways they weren't designed for, hitting them upside down and lefty. Tiger will always have strategy, strength, good hand eye coordination, good form and a fierce competitive spirit with any set.
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