May have to be oobgolf parka.
I Dare Somone To Enter
By Kickntrue on 10/16/07
Here are 4 golf events for this winter that I dare someone to enter. In fact if anyone will play in an oobgolf hat- we'll provide your entry fee, well- except for the one in Greenland. Seriously though- anyone in Minnesota or Alaska who is close should let us know. (ArcticGolfSchedule)

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Josh says:
I'll do all 4 in an oobgolf hat if you pay my entry fee, plane ticket and four star lodging accommodations.

Seems like a bargain to me.
volleyhart says:
That's awesome. I'd give that a shot.
chipotle mg says:
Pillar Mountain Golf Classic
March 29-31; Kodiak, Alaska
The PMGC covers one weekend and one hole GÇö a par 70.

70 strokes to make par eh?
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