Michelle Wie Is So Yesterday
By Kickntrue on 10/23/07
A look at a couple Truths and Rumors via SI and Golf.com. The first- that shouldn't shock is that the PGA Tour is over the Michelle Wie thing and we should look for talk of her on the Tour to go away soon. Also some TW news and more. (Story)

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golfgirl says:
Despite rumors to the contrary, me thinks Michelle would still spike the gates anywhere she played. JD too.
mbills1015 says:
me thinks you silly for still wanting Michelle Wie at a PGA event.
golfgirl says:
I didn't say I wanted her at at PGA event. I just said she'd spike the gate. And I maintain she would.
golfguy says:
I couldn't agree more! Michelle blew it! She didn't make any friends coming out on tour..."unproven" professionaly, then she spends all her time trying to make a PGA cut. Even if she makes one, most people are going to say "about time". She has not supported her tour at all. Nike wasted a lot of money on her as well.
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