I feel like I could live here if it were in a swamp.
Golf Course Living
By Kickntrue on 10/25/07
Are you thinking about moving? Is one of your main criteria how long it takes to get to the first tee? ... I sound like an ad. Well- they aren't paying me but I thought this was a neat idea. GolfCourseHome.net is your real estate guide to living on a golf course. You can limit your search to the good stuff right off.

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falcon50driver says:
As much as I love to play golf, I wouldn't want to live on a golf course. Why would you want strangers digging around in your flower beds, or having your roof and windows pelted by balls, all the time. Can some one tell me the upside? Nice view maybe?
chipotle mg says:
i would imagine playing golf within 10 minutes of thinkinging about it would be huge, view, free night golf lol, golfball hunt, your house can be the "19th hole". as far as having your windows and doors pelted with balls i believe it depends where on the golf course you decide to build.
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