THE Golf Mat
By Kickntrue on 10/29/07
I hate driving ranges and hitting off turf mats, mostly because they SUCK. THE Golf Mat (capitalization is theirs) is endorsed by Vijay Singh and supposedly hits like real fairway- including the ability to give like a divot. Maybe they can send me one and have me review it for you guys. Someone needs to try it out! (CheckItOut)

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Josh says:
You're biased, you need to have them send you one for me to review.
volleyhart says:
In order to have a fair and complete evaluation, all oobgolf users should receive one.
DeepRough says:
i know my wrists/elbows certainly don't like hitting on those hard rubber on top of concrete mats at the typical range
chipotle mg says:
if you watch the video you might notice THE draw got wet.
golf_ejr says:
Very interesting... I agree with you, current Practice ranges mats suck, I prefer to try playing more often than wasting 10 bucks and damaging my body and my fine clubs.
DC Golfer says:
I just saw the video theyGÇÖve got running and did a quick web search after speaking to a friend of mine who has hit off one. He says it's the real deal.
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