Phil and the phamily loved Asia.
Ash From Wildfires Hampers Mickelson
By Kickntrue on 11/5/07
There are excuses... and there are EXCUSES. You can decide where to put this one from Phil Mickelson. He said his poor showing in Singapore was because he was suffering illness from ash inhalation before leaving his San Diego home. I'm not in any way downplaying the tragedy of a wildfire or the impact it could have, so... I'm going to go with good excuse. (FullStory)(BonusPhilLink)

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mbills1015 says:
breathing does have a huge factor on your swing. You couldn't even think about swinging while holding your breath... you might die. Now if he said he couldn't practice due to the wildfires that would have been a good excuse.
duecebomb says:
Phil needs to suck it up and be a man and then ask himself, "what would Tiger do?"
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