Poor Mans Tour Ball
Discovering Top-Flite D2
By Kickntrue on 11/6/07
You've probably seen the annoying Kenny Mayne commericials with the slogan "Man-Up and go for it," but have you checked out the balls yet? Top Flite- long known for bottom of the barrel discount balls is making a lot of headway with it's new D2 balls. Even Time reviewed them favorably.

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Josh says:
Interesting, I've typically felt that Top Flight balls feel like hitting a rock. Since I've already got two stones in my bag I don't need to add any more.
DeepRough says:
I shot my best round ever with a D2 Feel:

Very straight off the driver, doesn't want to slice/hook much. Not much spin around the green, but enough that I can get the ball to stop after a couple hops. Love the little putting alignment aid on it.

Definitely worth the $1 a ball ;)
klangdon says:
I saw somewhere research that showed that the dimple-in-dimple tech actually worked in adding yardage over other top balls.
Zoobey says:
I use the FEEL ones. Great distance, and really do stick greens. Walmart sells them for under $15.
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