"Look at my sexy orange belt!"
Camilo Villegas wears pretty things.
By Kickntrue on 11/13/06
Have you checked out any of the "Seehowtheylive" shows yet? It's a new thing AT&T is doing along with Deon Sanders. Basically an internet version of MTV's Cribs. Anyway- this edition featuring young hearthrob Camilo Villegas started off lame, but wait till you see the bedroom!

I mean seriously, what a wardrobe. I've never been so scared in my life. He has maybe 3 shirts that I would actually wear, and that's only to a Convention of the Blind. Style, some people have it- some don't. Ahh- to be young, beautiful, rich and... why do all these same themes keep coming up?

We need to make a list of the 10 golfers we hate the most, for all of these reasons.

Check it out here.

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